A Week I Can Barely Handle


I have been overwhelmed this week. My old lady who we were trying to nurse her ear back to health went to live with my daughter and her family. This house is sad without her. Every time I leave I want to tell her “I will be right back” or “calm down while I put your leash on”. I think even the cat misses her. My house was listed last week, shown to a couple of people Monday and I signed the purchase offer at my full asking price on Tuesday. It was my birthday. I had planned on relaxing and getting a pedicure. Instead, I stressed about being homeless, I worried about my son never finding a job, I worried about never getting anything done in a timely manner while I used a scanning app that belongs in hell. I finally got my pedicure, my third one ever in my life, and I don’t normally wear sandals but I did over the weekend and regretted not finding the time to fix my toes beforehand. My son finally got his high school diploma in the mail so I have one less thing to worry about. I am just concentrating on finding a place that will take me and my cat that does not have stairs and I can afford.









































Welcome to life with the Broad Street Bullies

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Overcoming the odds ..One step at a time

Welcome to our blog.  This is a blog that’ll Chronicle our experiences working with a 80+ dogs that were all set to be euthanized, as well as the people who surround us.   We hope to show you stories of hope, what can happen when people unite..the power of the collective voice against hatred and anger .

Almost every dog here has a champion… Someone who loved them and didn’t want to see them die .. Our job is to teach the dogs how to be with people and be safe and if we can’t make that happen then to make their life as  good as it can possibly be in our sanctuary.

We work really hard to make this their home and the dogs know it… We have different philosophies and different ways of doing things… Time is not a factor for them… There are no clocks on their…

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