A Week I Can Barely Handle


I have been overwhelmed this week. My old lady who we were trying to nurse her ear back to health went to live with my daughter and her family. This house is sad without her. Every time I leave I want to tell her “I will be right back” or “calm down while I put your leash on”. I think even the cat misses her. My house was listed last week, shown to a couple of people Monday and I signed the purchase offer at my full asking price on Tuesday. It was my birthday. I had planned on relaxing and getting a pedicure. Instead, I stressed about being homeless, I worried about my son never finding a job, I worried about never getting anything done in a timely manner while I used a scanning app that belongs in hell. I finally got my pedicure, my third one ever in my life, and I don’t normally wear sandals but I did over the weekend and regretted not finding the time to fix my toes beforehand. My son finally got his high school diploma in the mail so I have one less thing to worry about. I am just concentrating on finding a place that will take me and my cat that does not have stairs and I can afford.









































One thought on “A Week I Can Barely Handle

  1. How awful! It’s hard enough to be sunny given our challenges, but that sounds like a really crappy week on top of that.

    Congratulations on selling your home – and happy belated birthday. And i’m Glad you came up with a good solution for Doggie’s ear – it is hard to come home and not have someone so delighted to see you. I hope she heals quickly.

    Please take care of yourself – your pedicure and sandals sounds like a good start. I will never get a pedicure – I automatically kick when someone touches my feet. But I can’t wear sandals anyway.

    Good luck to you home-hunting! And to your son job-hunting!

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