Climate Change and Global Warming


It can be the coldest day of the year in the warmest year on record. Global warming does not mean every single day gets warmer. Climate change means that the climate is changing. It did not happen overnight, it has been studied for at least decades. Having an ignorant moron as the so-called president is not helping anything. Climate change deniers restating their false myths is not helping either.

One of the main reasons I fought so hard for trump not to be president, is I knew he did not believe in Science. He has since selected other greedy people that disregard the health of the planet. The only thing these small percentage of cretins value is money. They will allow fracking, pollution, and roll back protections to get their way. They also will start wars (even civil wars), let people die from the elements, and look the other way while diseases (asthma for example) increase. Two words, Flint Water. There is a real crisis being ignored while dumpy manufacturers one about the border wall to distract from the awful things he continues to do.

I feel almost helpless for not doing more to fight back. I wish I had gotten a degree in geology instead of teaching. I wish I had an iota of authority to get rid of ignorance asap.

Waiting For The Snow Storm To Pass



This pic is my son’s window, the newly installed back door window bends the light that shines across onto the other window sill.

It was snowing pretty steadily but the super cold temperature will get lower, the snow deeper and not ending until Sunday evening. Listening to music and watching videos indoors while keeping warm is what will be happening. Only 60 more days until Spring.

I made a broccoli roll into individual muffin cups one day


I usually make a broccoli roll, I love broccoli and cheese, these are held together with pizza dough and have garlic for flavor. These are great dipped into pizza sauce or marinara.

I found out that doing this one handed was not so easy. It is also easier for me to eat these as sliced pieces of broccoli roll, and easier to dip into the sauce.

I used store-bought pizza dough and let rise in the bag it came in, loosen the bag fastener first. Then I spread it out and cut into 12 squares. Spread minced garlic (I usually use granulated but could not find any) shredded cheddar, Monterey jack, and mozzarella, and broccoli florets (I use thawed from a bag of frozen), but fresh would work too. Then try to place them in the muffin pan without dropping or have it slide down the sides. I tried to fold the tops over and sprinkle a little cheese on top. This is why making the roll is easier, you just spread the dough out, spread the ingredients on them, then try to roll up, I kind of end up rolling into thirds. Then bake, cool a bit before slicing.

I found this broken turtle shell


It actually broke when I tried to pick it up. Someone placed it on the bench before I found it. I drove by the other day and it was still there. I think I saw it back in November. The bag of garbage was still there too. I picked up some garbage laying around, but the black bag was in rough terrain and brambles so I could not get to it. I had ticks crawling on my clothes when I got back from that nature walk. It will be a while before I go back, and I will coat myself in tick repellent.

Today the weather was supposed to be bad. I did not go visit my mother because of the predicted “snow storm”. My son emailed me to ask to walk with him at the mall. So I met him there today at noon. That is very early for me to be anywhere. This is the second time we have met there to walk. We did one loop mostly on the main section. We walked slowly because my one-year-old granddaughter walks slower than me…lol.  Afterwards, I bought some groceries. The worst of the weather held off until tonight.

PT is getting to be too much for me


My little Christmas tree it has the little snoopy mini ornaments my sister gave me, and this year my boyfriend bought me two little elephant decorations…they are so cute. He also got me a larger elephant figurine carved from stone. (that will probably make an appearance in a future post)

I got the boxes out of storage today to put all the Holiday decorations away after I got home from PT. They worked me harder today, I was actually starting to sweat. I am wiped out now. I did not get all the decorations down. I also had an easy dinner of a can of lower sodium soup.

Back This Thing Up


A pic of my tree 2018 in my new apartment. My favorite part of the tree this year is the light patterns on the wall and ceiling and reflection in the window. I need to figure out how to get electricity on the patio.

I realised after yesterday’s hasty post, that I left out a bunch of events that have happened in recent months. I have a much nicer apartment, which I consider one of the best things to happen to me in 2018. It is still for disabled and seniors only, but this one is much quieter and cleaner than the last one. I have a better layout, no closed in superhot kitchen. I am on the first floor. I have a small patio that I call a catio, though my cat only ventured out there once since I moved in. It has been cold right after I moved here, I think she does not like the cold concrete out on the catio. I have a view of the woods and a bit of the main road. I have seen deer, birds, bunnies and I was told there were squirrels too. I also have seen a wandering cat, I am not sure whose it is, but it looks like a little bobcat. I hope it is not feral. I also hope I never see it dead because it likes to walk in the road.

I have a new primary care doctor, although it is frustrating my old doctor has not faxed over my records.  My blood pressure has been both high and low.  I am back at PT. My PT is only a few blocks away. There is a walking trail nearby, it comes right up to my apartment parking lot. I only walked on the trail once, mostly because it has been rainy, snowy, or otherwise gloomy most days. I walked one day indoors with my older son and grandkids at the mall. The mall will be my go-to option to walk when the weather is too bad to walk outside. I drive my 19-year-old son to work once a week. He lives with my oldest son, so I get to see two of my grandkids more often. I still go to Syracuse most weekends to see my boyfriend. He has actually been here a few times. I still have a lot more to explore in this area.

Just a short while after my grandson’s third birthday, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I am trying to learn as much as I can about that. I am sure that sums up the last few months. I also planned to squeeze in a few trips to see family. Providence to see my daughter and family including my Ashley who they are taking care of. Dogs her weight are not allowed here. Also up to the Adirondacks to visit my mom and sister. Both of those road trips will be coming soon.

This Year Could Be Epic!


This pic is of Lights On The Lake near Syracuse, NY. We drove through one night with a free ticket my kids could not use.

It probably will just be the same old same old, unless I put in a little effort. I still have hope in staying positive and making changes for the better. I have been going to PT,  I do not see immediate results except for being tired more often. I hope to be able to walk farther and more often by summer. I can only do just over a mile now. I have also gained so much weight, I weigh the most ever in my life, including at the time of my stroke. It is scary to me to think I have not kept off the weight I lost my first year after. I bought myself an exercise ball again, the next step is inflating it. I am on an austerity spending budget. I will be charging my dental work this year. I have not been to the dentist in years only going once since my stroke to get a tooth pulled.

I am still trying to get used to my awesome apartment. I find more and more that makes it less than perfect, like a visit from a mouse. The doorway I tripped over, and finally took a fall comes to mind.