This Year Could Be Epic!


This pic is of Lights On The Lake near Syracuse, NY. We drove through one night with a free ticket my kids could not use.

It probably will just be the same old same old, unless I put in a little effort. I still have hope in staying positive and making changes for the better. I have been going to PT,  I do not see immediate results except for being tired more often. I hope to be able to walk farther and more often by summer. I can only do just over a mile now. I have also gained so much weight, I weigh the most ever in my life, including at the time of my stroke. It is scary to me to think I have not kept off the weight I lost my first year after. I bought myself an exercise ball again, the next step is inflating it. I am on an austerity spending budget. I will be charging my dental work this year. I have not been to the dentist in years only going once since my stroke to get a tooth pulled.

I am still trying to get used to my awesome apartment. I find more and more that makes it less than perfect, like a visit from a mouse. The doorway I tripped over, and finally took a fall comes to mind.