Climate Change and Global Warming


It can be the coldest day of the year in the warmest year on record. Global warming does not mean every single day gets warmer. Climate change means that the climate is changing. It did not happen overnight, it has been studied for at least decades. Having an ignorant moron as the so-called president is not helping anything. Climate change deniers restating their false myths is not helping either.

One of the main reasons I fought so hard for trump not to be president, is I knew he did not believe in Science. He has since selected other greedy people that disregard the health of the planet. The only thing these small percentage of cretins value is money. They will allow fracking, pollution, and roll back protections to get their way. They also will start wars (even civil wars), let people die from the elements, and look the other way while diseases (asthma for example) increase. Two words, Flint Water. There is a real crisis being ignored while dumpy manufacturers one about the border wall to distract from the awful things he continues to do.

I feel almost helpless for not doing more to fight back. I wish I had gotten a degree in geology instead of teaching. I wish I had an iota of authority to get rid of ignorance asap.