F*ck You Trump, so sick of his lies and ignorant supporters

sick of hearing about him, seeing his face, hearing his lies, watching people suffer from his dangerous policies…yes I HATE him, I hope I made myself clear, if you support any of his bullshit something is wrong with you get help quick…advertisers included…stop putting an ignorant fool on my site to make yourself some more $$

Another #Caturday


This week she went after a bug that was stuck between the window and screen. She got one of her claws stuck in the screen in her descent. I hope she learned not to climb up the screen again.

We had some pretty warm weather this week, I did not get the chance to walk though. I hope the snow stays melted in the upcoming week so I can walk at least once. I have a better chance now that the sun stays out longer.

It is #Caturday


I still have Luna Minerva, they allow one small pet in my apartment. My dog was too big, she lives with my daughter’s family now. I visited them last week.

Luna Minerva has taken to sleeping on my bed. She has ruined my new set of microfiber sheets with her claws. She knocks over some of the books and pictures when she runs into my room and leaps onto the bookcase to look out the window. I try to remember to open the blinds before I leave so she can look out. I can not wait until it is warm enough to open the door to my catio.