I feel better, even though nothing has improved

IMG_7524 (2)

I saw horses on my walk on the rail trail…I had to zoom in because they were on the far end of the fenced in area…they kept walking behind the buildings so this is the best pic I could get. I only walked one day even though the weather was nice several days. I am trying to walk more often since I weigh the most ever in my life and I can not buy new clothes…my jeans are tight, maybe that is why I opted to stay in my pajamas all day one day last week.

I was locked out of twitter


This is an old pic, I recently had my hard drive replaced and have yet to install a place to download my photos from my camera.

So twitter said I was being abusive to trump for this tweet: @realDonaldTrump I can not take any more of this…I can only hope you drop dead soon before I do…I just want to cry myself to sleep thinking about all the rotten miserable things you have done…the people that suffer because of @GOP…the statue of liberty is not proud, the flag upsidedown

I am locked out unless they favorably review my appeal…I guess he can only torture the world and we have to take it in silence. F*ck him and his supporters and the whole GOP for aiding and abetting the MONSTER….yes if you support him F*ck you too! I can not take the nonsense any more.

I can not get a drive downloaded to run my printer, or I downloaded it 4 times but it is not recognizing it…I also have not figured out wordpress as to why I can no longer tag my posts…the world goes on without me…I am not adding to it, I am not helping anyone, I am not saving enough for my future and the cost of everything I need is going up, I feel helpless…I searched for jobs I may be able to do part time and I can not find any I could do…my ebay sales are tanking and have been the last few years….I was not motivated to get out of my pajamas today and it was sunny out