Happy 420 Day


It is illegal to recreationally smoke in my state, so here is a pic of algae? or some other green slime growing in a drainage ditch.

Several presidential candidates propose to make it federally legal and expunge the records of those already incarcerated for marijuana charges. I would smoke with Kamala Harris, she is one who has many good ideas as president.

Pretty Awesome Sky On A Tragic Day


The world lost most of Notre Dame as it burned and the spire collapsed through the roof, also Monday The actress that played “Georgette” on the Mary Tyler Moore show died, she was only 70.

I replaced the suet in the bird feeder I hung on my neighbors hook. I looked outside several more times and saw a HUGE woodchuck. I thought about getting my camera to take a picture of him, then decided not to. I looked out one more time and saw how awesome the colors were in the sky. I did not get my camera out quick enough and walk outside quick enough most of the color was gone (well over half) but I did capture this.

Out of view the lower leaves of brambles and small bushes are greening up as they come out. The tall trees still look bare.