No Exercise Friday, I did not have pizza either

This goose was the third wheel, so he was warming up to the statue.

I did not walk yesterday, my free time was spent going to the laundromat and putting my clean clothes away. I did get extra quarters this time so I can do some laundry at my apartment building instead of sitting and waiting around for machines to finish their job. I set my alarm and walk back and forth to the laundry room. It is on the other side of my building so I have to go outside and use a different entrance. Also the public laundromat usually has people that reek of cigarette smoke. Yesterday there was less people there, maybe because it was so windy. My cloth mask blew off in the parking lot. I did have my N95 mask on underneath and no one was nearby.

I am counting down the time, just over a week now, that I can go into thrift stores to look around.

Waiting for more green (in nature and my stimulus check)

Moss and interesting roots at Sapsucker Woods near Ithaca NY

I walked almost an hour today. It took just under an hour. I did stop several times to take some pictures. My main reason for walking was to exercise not sightsee though. I did see a large snapping turtle, several robins, many Canada Geese, and heard loud frogs? My knees were hurting bad before I was halfway through. I can not wait for things to green up more. It was over 70F degrees today and there was still spots of snow in places.

Tomorrow there is high wind warnings and rain forecasted so I should get out my exercise mat and try to do floor exercises. Different ways of getting up are helpful after I fell a few months ago and could not get on my knees to get up because of the pain.

I had my second vaccine Monday

I have not had any severe symptoms. The first day my arm was sore much more than the first time. I had just my usual everyday fatigue. I had my usual hitting a wall physically after 8PM with my whole body.

Yesterday I spent a little time looking into doing voiceover work for some extra cash. I do not really have to mental capacity to learn new skills. I figured out how to do one test audio clip of myself. I then realized I will end up laughing at myself if I misspeak which post stroke happens a lot. I also realized my cat will get in the way and I do not have room in my bedroom (the only room with a door to keep out Luna) to set up a soundproof recording area. I also do not want to invest funds into mic and equipment to get better quality. So that was a waste of a couple hours for me. I will stick with what I know even though it only netted me an extra $5 last weekend.

I still struggle to keep myself and my apartment in some sort of normal sane existence. I still have projects and organization to finish. My garden seedlings also are taking up some of my brain power. I have fungus gnats so I am trying to get rid of them with diatomaceous earth. Besides my tomatoes with their first set of leaves and my bok choi that I never grew before, today I have a honey dew melon trying to sprout. I planted several seeds of 14 more varieties so I am still waiting for at least half of them to have a sprout or two. It has been over a week and I am impatient.

In less than two weeks I should be immune enough to start visiting thrift stores again and visit my mom who I have not seen in person in over a year.

There was still snow on the walking trails

I took this pic on Friday at Robert H. Treman NY State Park. You can see things have not greened up yet. I need to start walking everyday to save my life. I gained even more pounds. I got to my all time high again, then added 20 on top of that. Sometimes I feel like my heart will just fail. I get my 2nd Pfizer vaccine tomorrow. I will then have zero excuses in a couple weeks to not take a walk. I do hope the snow melts so I can walk in nature though.

Other plans for a few weeks after my second vaccine: Visit my mom who turned 80 in January, maybe take her shopping and out to lunch or dinner. Go thrift shopping for treasures to sell on ebay. My last thrift purchase was online. I did buy some auction items online and picked them up in person. I still have dozens of items to list, not including the hundreds of postcards I need to list.

I am trying to avoid working for others and just try to ramp up my sales to pay off my credit card and car loan. I have not saved anything since getting the new to me car and having car payments again.

Other things on my mind are trying to set up a youtube channel for stroke survivors…this will require me learning quite a few new to me things.

I can not post with Chrome, Here I am on Edge

I have no idea why, or what I am doing…I have not posted in a long time, so memories of how I did it before are gone.

Luna Minerva, she makes me even slower at getting stuff done. “Free cat hair with every purchase” I am going to add to my ebay listings…I am up to 404 now on 4 different accounts. My sales are still pretty sad, I sold one postcard this weekend. Divide that sale by the hours I spent taking pics and scanning postcards and listing, then my hourly profit is about 5 cents an hour.