I had my second vaccine Monday

I have not had any severe symptoms. The first day my arm was sore much more than the first time. I had just my usual everyday fatigue. I had my usual hitting a wall physically after 8PM with my whole body.

Yesterday I spent a little time looking into doing voiceover work for some extra cash. I do not really have to mental capacity to learn new skills. I figured out how to do one test audio clip of myself. I then realized I will end up laughing at myself if I misspeak which post stroke happens a lot. I also realized my cat will get in the way and I do not have room in my bedroom (the only room with a door to keep out Luna) to set up a soundproof recording area. I also do not want to invest funds into mic and equipment to get better quality. So that was a waste of a couple hours for me. I will stick with what I know even though it only netted me an extra $5 last weekend.

I still struggle to keep myself and my apartment in some sort of normal sane existence. I still have projects and organization to finish. My garden seedlings also are taking up some of my brain power. I have fungus gnats so I am trying to get rid of them with diatomaceous earth. Besides my tomatoes with their first set of leaves and my bok choi that I never grew before, today I have a honey dew melon trying to sprout. I planted several seeds of 14 more varieties so I am still waiting for at least half of them to have a sprout or two. It has been over a week and I am impatient.

In less than two weeks I should be immune enough to start visiting thrift stores again and visit my mom who I have not seen in person in over a year.

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