I Saw A Lot Of Wildflowers Today

I love Daisies

And these purple ones

I walked as much as I could today. We went to an art park. It had equal amount of interesting nature and great views. I noticed the wildflowers first. They had fields of them.

I am sore now. For some reason I hurt for days after walking. My knees are the first to complain. They were ready to give up. I need to keep on keeping on. I hope to lose enough weight this summer to make a difference in my strength and endurance. I hate feeling like I am 100 years old.

Buttercup Yellow, Grass Green, Purple

Millions of times better than snow. This pic is from right outside my garden plot. I have these same yellow flowers growing in the mowed grass right outside my apartment. I like how cheery and plentiful they are. The dandelions were first, but they seem to go by too quick.

My whole body hurts especially my legs. I went to plant a couple of my many peppers, my one surviving squash plant, and my one surviving pumpkin plant. I have very little confidence they will thrive. The blossom of the pumpkin fell off as I planted it, I left it nearby to add life to the dug ground. I am glad it is going to rain almost every day for a week. I don’t know if I will make it back today to plant more and clear out more weeds and grass from my plot.

I planted one of the two marigolds I left last time that was 99% dead from being dried out. I left them in the starter pots because I did not make it back the next day as planned to plant into the ground. My body is more limiting than I ever imagined. Every time I go to the garden plot and back I am in extreme pain for at least the next day. Yesterday I barely made it back to my car. My knee kept going out, this time on my right side. I kept stopping to rest before continuing on. I brought back the other dead marigold and planted it in my pot inside my patio. It had a bit of green on the stem so there is a slight chance it will recover. I saw hardly any of the seeds I planted sprouted. I might have seen one sunflower sprout and a few carrots. I accidently kept stepping on the kale spot then accidently dumped straw over it.

My whole garden plot is haphazardly planted by small sections I cleared of weeds from where I can reach by placing the folding chairs I can barely stand up from. I suspect that is why my legs hurt so much when I go there, I need something less flexible to sit on at a slightly greater height. My ass needs to be higher than my knees for me to stand up from sitting without great pains and knee twisting. My folding stool I use for hiking is ok, if the legs do not sink into the ground. It always sinks into the ground. It is also much easier if I have something to grasp to help pull myself up. The thin wire fence and fence posts are not always in reach.

I abandoned the idea of cardboard and woodchips. Two 5 gallon buckets of woodchips does not cover much. The cardboard I did bring already I will move to the entrance of my garden and break down into a semi walking path to mark the areas it is safe to step on because nothing is planted there (sorry kale). It can also be the base of my bee waterer that I yet have to take and set up. I still have pepper, eggplant, and tomato, summer squash, sage, and cucumber plants to bring there. It most likely will be later next week. Both of my hand shovels or spades bent backwards. One more severely than the other. If I survive this year, next years garden plot will be better and easier and planned on all winter.

Gardening is my therapy. I love the views from the plot. Even though I am surrounded by overgrowth of grass and thistle there are so many beautiful things to look at.

I Want To Get Paid

Here is a referral link, supposedly I might get paid if people use it?


I still am trying to sell vintage stuff on ebay. This hair shedder makes it hard for me to take pics, and use tape without black cat fur attached. It is already hard enough to hold my one useable hand steady to try to take pics that are not blurry. Add to the mix this lady that wants to be where the camera action is. Right now I took my over 400 listings down to give ebay a chance to figure out their managed payments without sending me error messages.

I spent before the pandemic and during pandemic days to figure out what I could do to earn extra income a few hours a week. I want to earn at least $20 an hour for my time not 2 cents (my average ebay sale divided by time looking for, photographing, time listing while waiting for the website to be faster, shipping time that takes longer and wastes tape when disabled minus cost of goods), it might actually be less than 2 cents.

One of my other options was driving for lyft. I decided against this as soon as covid hit. I reconsidered, but after some driving mistakes I made while not under stress I do not want to chance losing my license by driving more often under the stress.

Things that make it very difficult to work for someone else:

The amount of times I saw the totally wrong word.

People make me repeat myself and I hate repeating myself, and I hate talking on the phone in general.

The amount of times I piss my pants, and how long it takes for me to change my pants and clean up.

My balance issues, so I don’t fall and hurt what is left of my good parts.

My right hand hurts after straining it too much, even everyday tasks like vacuuming, laundry, dishes can be painful.

I don’t have time or concentration to get stuff done now, how can I add a part time job in there?

The number of days I sleep past noon, or at least 11AM

I am sure there are more I can edit in later, if I remember

Sometime in the future I hope to write more, beef out my blog and actually get paid for content….send all offers to my paypal igneousidol@gmail.com and/or use the link above and make my day until then!

Seed Wishlist For Next Year

I just found out the past couple of weeks of some things I would like to try. It is too late to try to start these things now, so I wanted to write them down to remind myself for next year.

A Bigger Warming Mat

Edible Chrysanthemum Seeds

Blue Pumpkins Seeds

Caraway Seeds

Ollas or Oyas that are not outrageously expensive

More Fungus Gnat Traps

Metal Bird Bath

Purple Petunia seeds: variegated, super dark, and moon & stars (that is called something different this year)

And next year I will save my Marigold seeds to start, they are easy to grow but hella expensive at the greenhouse

Varigated Vinca vine propagating, another easy to grow but expensive to buy every year

I started my 2021 Garden!

This year I added a metal planter to the 5 big pots I had outside my patio. It still sits empty as I am going to fill it with veggies and basil that I started indoors. They are still acclimating to being outside by living on my screened patio. I also need to mix up more potting soil, I am using coco coir that I need to hydrate first and adding equal parts of cow manure compost and ready made potting soil. Once I get the outdoor plants ready, I will take some to the community garden plot that I got this year. I worked just a few days there, I broke my chair and almost killed myself by dragging my cart through the grass. I hope to work at it smarter not harder, it needs a lot more work and my body can only do a little.