I Want To Get Paid

Here is a referral link, supposedly I might get paid if people use it?


I still am trying to sell vintage stuff on ebay. This hair shedder makes it hard for me to take pics, and use tape without black cat fur attached. It is already hard enough to hold my one useable hand steady to try to take pics that are not blurry. Add to the mix this lady that wants to be where the camera action is. Right now I took my over 400 listings down to give ebay a chance to figure out their managed payments without sending me error messages.

I spent before the pandemic and during pandemic days to figure out what I could do to earn extra income a few hours a week. I want to earn at least $20 an hour for my time not 2 cents (my average ebay sale divided by time looking for, photographing, time listing while waiting for the website to be faster, shipping time that takes longer and wastes tape when disabled minus cost of goods), it might actually be less than 2 cents.

One of my other options was driving for lyft. I decided against this as soon as covid hit. I reconsidered, but after some driving mistakes I made while not under stress I do not want to chance losing my license by driving more often under the stress.

Things that make it very difficult to work for someone else:

The amount of times I saw the totally wrong word.

People make me repeat myself and I hate repeating myself, and I hate talking on the phone in general.

The amount of times I piss my pants, and how long it takes for me to change my pants and clean up.

My balance issues, so I don’t fall and hurt what is left of my good parts.

My right hand hurts after straining it too much, even everyday tasks like vacuuming, laundry, dishes can be painful.

I don’t have time or concentration to get stuff done now, how can I add a part time job in there?

The number of days I sleep past noon, or at least 11AM

I am sure there are more I can edit in later, if I remember

Sometime in the future I hope to write more, beef out my blog and actually get paid for content….send all offers to my paypal igneousidol@gmail.com and/or use the link above and make my day until then!

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