Buttercup Yellow, Grass Green, Purple

Millions of times better than snow. This pic is from right outside my garden plot. I have these same yellow flowers growing in the mowed grass right outside my apartment. I like how cheery and plentiful they are. The dandelions were first, but they seem to go by too quick.

My whole body hurts especially my legs. I went to plant a couple of my many peppers, my one surviving squash plant, and my one surviving pumpkin plant. I have very little confidence they will thrive. The blossom of the pumpkin fell off as I planted it, I left it nearby to add life to the dug ground. I am glad it is going to rain almost every day for a week. I don’t know if I will make it back today to plant more and clear out more weeds and grass from my plot.

I planted one of the two marigolds I left last time that was 99% dead from being dried out. I left them in the starter pots because I did not make it back the next day as planned to plant into the ground. My body is more limiting than I ever imagined. Every time I go to the garden plot and back I am in extreme pain for at least the next day. Yesterday I barely made it back to my car. My knee kept going out, this time on my right side. I kept stopping to rest before continuing on. I brought back the other dead marigold and planted it in my pot inside my patio. It had a bit of green on the stem so there is a slight chance it will recover. I saw hardly any of the seeds I planted sprouted. I might have seen one sunflower sprout and a few carrots. I accidently kept stepping on the kale spot then accidently dumped straw over it.

My whole garden plot is haphazardly planted by small sections I cleared of weeds from where I can reach by placing the folding chairs I can barely stand up from. I suspect that is why my legs hurt so much when I go there, I need something less flexible to sit on at a slightly greater height. My ass needs to be higher than my knees for me to stand up from sitting without great pains and knee twisting. My folding stool I use for hiking is ok, if the legs do not sink into the ground. It always sinks into the ground. It is also much easier if I have something to grasp to help pull myself up. The thin wire fence and fence posts are not always in reach.

I abandoned the idea of cardboard and woodchips. Two 5 gallon buckets of woodchips does not cover much. The cardboard I did bring already I will move to the entrance of my garden and break down into a semi walking path to mark the areas it is safe to step on because nothing is planted there (sorry kale). It can also be the base of my bee waterer that I yet have to take and set up. I still have pepper, eggplant, and tomato, summer squash, sage, and cucumber plants to bring there. It most likely will be later next week. Both of my hand shovels or spades bent backwards. One more severely than the other. If I survive this year, next years garden plot will be better and easier and planned on all winter.

Gardening is my therapy. I love the views from the plot. Even though I am surrounded by overgrowth of grass and thistle there are so many beautiful things to look at.