I was kicked off Twitter Again

Last years’s container garden

I had over 17,100 followers. I was on it everyday when I was not banned. I learned to spend less time on there because it did take away precious time from real life. The good things I will miss about twitter was sharing many animal rescue petitions, ebay listings for both myself (and my bf since I list some things for him) and my daughter (she is trying to start a new vintage resale biz), #StrokeAwarenessMonth posts, some of the people I followed were wonderful and famous like Stella Parton, Stephen King, Patricia Arquette. Mostly I spent more time on twitter trying to get rid of donald dump from the political scene. Who would have ever thought that such a loser would be one of the leaders of a horrible hate Kult? His followers are either brainwashed or just as horribly deplorable people as his racist, rapist, grifting lying family. If you are one of his fans, please stop following me. WordPress is for now my soapbox whilst (I have been watching a lot of foreign youtube and netflix) my Twitter account goes through the appeal process which is far less just than American justice.

Things in real life I will be hopefully spending more time on is my container garden (I live in an apartment). I asked the apartment manager last year if I could use part of the expansive lawn (that no one uses) to build a raised bed. She looked at me like I lost my f*cking mind, before she quickly said no. She told me to plant in the narrow space between the lawn and building that gets mostly pelted with rain coming off the part of the roof without gutters. Also, I was to do this in front of other peoples patio’s and windows? Excuse me I respect people’s private space as I hope others stay the F away from my windows too. So this year I have tiny seedlings I started, last year I started earlier and they grew bigger by this time. I have added a few more grow lights but my only two window spaces face northwest…mostly north. I have my bee waterer set out (shown above in last years pic) and I might make a second one this year that perhaps could also be a bird bath. Why are bird baths so expensive? I like the concrete ones but they are too heavy for me. I would love to hang my bird feeder farther out in the “lawn”, but I am not allowed to block the path of the person paid to mow the grass so short he scrapes dirt. There are good things and bad things about this years garden possibilities. Bad is the place I got some amazing geraniums and other plants is out of business, they planned on retiring before covid and their place sold last year. Good is my son and daughter in law said I could do some container gardening on their land. Bad is I don’t know if I have enough time and money to plant all the seedlings I started. Oh well, at least I am not totally banned from gardening too. Now I need to have 17,000 followers on wordpress.