My Neighbors Are Cows


They are scrawny, in my opinion, some are spray painted I assume to denote meds given. I live in a very rural area. I drive by houses with both signs for Black Lives Matter and the “stars and bars” Confederate losers flag as well as the current loser donald dump. It is hard to believe there are so many terrible people that live nearby. I don’t mind having cows across the street, they don’t have guns or build bombs.

Often when something bad happens like a mass shooter incident I can’t help feel more than just empathy and sadness. I feel helpless. I feel disgust. I feel as a stroke survivor that can’t move quickly that if anything bad happens while I am out and about I will be even less useless when dead from fright.

I just finished a book about naturally occurring events like earthquakes and floods. The Big Ones by Dr. Lucy Jones. She said we feel a need to “blame” others throughout history when bad things happen. They used to blame people being punished by gods when a volcano ruined a whole village for example. She told how as a society we need to try to stop blaming and instead try to understand the science, and prepare for the inevitable. I think her book should be required reading for everyone that works in the government or a municipality. The world in general needs better planning and organizing to prepare for what nature will throw our way. We also need better planning and organizing to deal with the unnatural uneducated fools that think having more quantity and more powerful guns will “save them”. None of these leading causes of death in the USA could be “cured” with a gun.