It is slaughter innocent lives day, in the USA again today

I hope every nra member feels safe, I sure don’t. I hope Gov. Abbot feels guilty for not trying to pass common sense gun laws while he has taken nra blood money. He can take his “thoughts and prayers” and shove them up his ass.

I wish I had enough money to move my whole family and grandkids to a different country. The 30% in the USA that like it being the wild gun toting west can go f*ck themselves. Gun violence makes the USA a shithole country.

It is not too soon to talk about gun control, it is too late. Mother f*ckers should get them all confiscated and melted down NOW, in my opinion.

Life is precious, your cold hard steel is not precious…and most likely will not save you. Your callousness and inaction is killing me, does anyone care about my damn rights and freedoms? Does anyone care about the rights and freedoms for children to learn without getting injured or killed?

Melt the guns and make garden planters out of them. Planting more trees and having less lawn are more likely to save you than a f*cking gun.

Please discuss, pass immediate measures now, stop sweeping the tough stuff under the rug, call out those that take the nra blood money, make everyone that insists on owning a gun to have insurance and registration after taking safety classes, pass more red flag laws, DO SOMETHING, please vote for BETO!

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