I am still incapacitated by sadness

First visit from the grandkids since covid started.

That was a happy day. The kids wanted to get their kites flying even though there was no wind. They came to get one of my younger son’s nerf guns I had in my storage area. The excitement of all the talking, dinner, outside running (by them, not me) left me fatigued. That has been normal for me after my stroke. I can only handle like three things in one day, not three million.

Today reading small snippets of the news made me so sad. I physically cried off and on thinking about it. I did a of laundry and watered my plants. I ate a dinner of a cheese stick and a roll. The rest of the time I watched youtube videos of Portugal and rescue animals. I am waiting for it to cool off enough to bake banana bread. I am still wondering how so many can not see the need to do something proactive that is not insane. We should not expect veterans to have to work in their golden years trying to protect school children. We should not expect teachers to teach and do the job of the trained swat team that took too long. We should not have to bear witness to those with no empathy or regard to life while they sit protected in their gun love fest that is not allowing guns. They will listed to other dumb horrible people yammer on about getting gun hard-ons. They will say a useless and meaningless short prayer without even thinking about young lives flashing by and gone too soon. Fuck them all, they are MONSTERS. Fuck the NRA.

Fuck all corporate greed and greedy guys who carry on without any fucks to give.

I shared a quote from Charles M. Blow (I used to follow him on Twitter, now that Twitter suspended me I can not view much on their platform, so Fuck Twitter too with a capital F); “One does not have to operate with malice to do great harm. The absence of empathy and understanding are sufficient.”