I need to post my #wordle score

Wordle 343 4/6


I don’t understand what other people’s beef is about people posting their #wordle score on social media. Tell me where it hurts?

I am not trying to brag, I am trying to challenge my own brain, I am a stroke survivor. I need little “games” and distractions to keep my brain working. It is so easy to shut down. It is so easy to shut me out, everyone has been ignoring me my whole life, so keep on ignoring go about your day.

Yes there are millions of important other things in the world, so let me know what concerns you? Name a topic and lets discuss. Of course there are a few topics I ignore, like gaming (I just suck at it so it holds no interest for me).

Can we put the social back in social media? According to #twitter, no social media for me. LIKE EVER. Fuck me. Fuck Twitter, I spent years on there.

You guessed it, I have no social life. I don’t want to be social with 75% (or more) of people. I do want to combat climate change that would help 100% of people. I do want gun control that would benefit the world. I want women to be 100% in control of their own bodies. I don’t want META to monopolize my info, and also skew perceptions.

Look at my #wordle score and try to be happy for me that I can still think sometimes when I can not do much else.

2 thoughts on “I need to post my #wordle score

  1. I post my Wordle score only when it’s fabulous β€”2 or 3. I’m very impressed by those who can do that. My median is 4, and I always strive for a personal best.

    Barb Polan


    • the day the word was “gamer” I got it in 2! I am happy if I get it at all…lol…I share when I don’t get it as well, unlike my worldle score, I only got that correct 2 times and when I got it on the first try was when it was Ukraine and unfortunately I only knew that because of the current war there.

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