I started reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand last week

I usually do not read war stories. I finished my own book I was reading at my boyfriends, and randomly picked one off his headboard bookshelf to read. If it was not to my liking, I would have simply brought another one of my books to read this weekend. So far it is mostly about the life of Olympic runner Zamperini. I like Lauren’s style of writing so I am continuing reading it.

As this is Memorial Day Weekend, in the USA, I noted how many had died during “training” as brought to my attention by the book. I actually had to google if it was to honor anyone that died while in service or only during war battles. Thousands of drafted young people died trying to learn to fly airplanes, or while learning to navigate stormy skies. Memorial Day is when some honor the famous heroes or those interred in DC, yet many are buried all over the world. War is hell, and in my opinion flying blind in a clunky ill designed airplane must have been hell too.