Slow Gardening

I made my second bee waterer a few weeks ago. I used a thrift store plant stand and thrift store vintage aluminum dish with rocks, glass stones, small terracotta pot, and a gnome I had on hand. To the left is the wildflower mix seeds I bought a year or so ago and decided to plant in a container this year. My hopes of buying a small plot of land to put my garden, garden shed, and greenhouse to hang out at vanished with the rising property costs. (since covid rare offerings for sale) I still have my container garden outside my apartment. This year I also have some grow bags placed on stacked pallets that my son and daughter in law allowed me to have at their place. (pics will be shared if they survive) I am not done planting out my puny seedlings yet, I spent a few days last week and yesterday planting and have more to do tomorrow. It rained today but I went out between raindrops to get some pics. I want to make myself a chart of what I planted and where even though I have some things labeled. Today I noticed a few “holes” that some animal made and I can not tell if something is missing (eaten) or that I forgot to plant there (oops). A hummingbird buzzed by me two times yesterday, but did not drink from my feeder.

The county cooperative extension is supposed to build a fenced garden in the yard of the apartments. Yay, if it happens. It won’t be enough space for me to play in, but I can take pics of the progress of that too. Today it is 4 stakes with string making a square. I don’t know of the timeline, I just found out yesterday from my neighbor why the string was there.

I have not seen the fox family again, but neighbors have seen 5 kits playing in the yard and woods area. I am worried about them since I found out that the reason trees were chopped down were to build two houses in that swampy woods area. Someone came today and drove stakes with orange tape at the top not too far from where I saw the fox family. I can think of many better places to build new houses. I like the foxes being my neighbors.

It Is 3AM Do You Know Where Your Blogger Is?

Not sleeping. At the moment I am thinking of my plants. I am thinking of my old computer that is almost unusable. I am thinking of my new computer and how am I going to pay for it every month. I don’t know how people live with just phones for online access.

My bf is snoring extra loud and I’m trying not to wake him up. My arm muscle is twitching in spasms. I would like to read more of my book but the light is either too blinding or not enough to see clearly.