Another Ebay Rant

I have 4 ebay accounts, my first one I started in 2012 (after my stroke, to help make my car payment). I sold for years with nothing but positive feedback, if people bothered to leave feedback. I estimate only 10% of buyers leave feedback. Once, a few years in, I got one negative feedback. It was for the way I packed his comic books, even though they were mailed as described in the description in the sale. Many more years passed and still only positive feedback. Then a few weeks ago I got a negative feedback on my newest account (still years old). The person instead of asking for a refund/return when she got her item proceeded to take the plating off ruining the item. She messaged me several times before leaving feedback. If I cared to spend an hour or longer to call customer service I could probably have it taken off. Anyhow I finally shrugged that off, not all buyers are honest or kind. So today I got a neutral feedback from someone else (on a different account thankfully) because they did not get their postcard (not the one pictured). I refunded them as soon as they messaged me, it was sent untracked so it could have been lost in the mail or delivered to someone else. They got their couple of $$s back, and they thought it best to leave me a neutral feedback….motherpluckers. I don’t sell much, maybe one item per month if I am lucky. I sell mostly postcards and I am still going to continue handwriting the address and putting a real stamp on which means no tracking. I feel like ebay is always sending me negative energy. They keep changing their site so I have to do multiple more clicks if I even remember to check each account. Back when I started and many years after I could see everything needed on the same page. There I could easily see what I sold, if it was paid, if it was already shipped, what was unsold and could be relisted, and the current active listings. Not anymore, now it is good luck remembering what to check and where to find it and hope it is only one or two extra clicks per item. They also even changed sharing to pinterest which was one click after listing…now I have to click back on the item then click on pinterest, then click which pinterest board I want to share it on.

I want to say rant over, but is it? Will it ever be? I don’t forsee anyone at Ebay to even understand what I am talking about. I want to know if any of their employees or programmers ever sold items on ebay.