Indigenous Peoples Day

A vintage postcard with the incorrect name of group of people on the back

If you have read my blog over the last 11 years or so you know I sell vintage postcards on ebay. Many images are amazing and haunting at the same time. Every card (but also movie, book, government document etc) that uses the word “Indian” to describe the indigenous Native American people that were here long before oppressive white settlers and opportunists should be called out. It is a shame that most people in the USA don’t recognize other groups of people as fellow humans. We should be sharing knowledge and learning traditions not making them jump through hoops for entertainment.

On a related note, a bloated orange oaf, twice impeached, twice popular vote loser who still has a cult of moron followers should be zapped every time he calls someone Pocahontas.

Today is World Postcard Day!

I will be listing this cute postcard either today or sometime this weekend on one of my ebay accounts. I sell about one to two cards (sometimes more or less) a month between the three of my accounts I have postcards listed. My 4th account has other items for sale, mostly right now stuff I am selling for my boyfriend that he got from his coworkers grandfathers estate. He had a small quantity of postcards but I do not think I listed any of them yet. I also use the 4th account to buy postcards both to collect and to resell.

Postcrossing dot com is a site set up to send and receive postcards from around the world. It is a great site. I have been a member there for about two years but I have long amounts of times I did not send any cards. Mostly due to the time it takes me to select a card for the recipient and then actually writing it out. It makes my hand cramp writing so small. I also spend most of my day just trying to live, like feed myself, shower and do errands, recover from an activity (both mentally and physically) I have done recently. So I spend great amounts of time in the spring gardening for example, so sent no postcards for months. I now have got back into it about a week ago. Being I did not realize it was world postcard day today, I did not reserve one of my slots (I have seven right now) to post a card today. What I have done today to commemorate, besides writing this post, is to look for postcards at the thrift store (they had none), and I bought two elephant postcards on ebay (where I usually find my postcards for my collection).

My postcard collection mainly consists of places I visited and vintage elephant postcards. I might do a youtube video someday about my postcard collection. I was hoping when I went to the Brimfield antique show in September to find some to collect or list on ebay. Because of my foot that I hurt a week or so before I did not walk around very far. The one booth that had ephemera and postcards was disappointing. I did ask him if he had any elephant postcards and he said no. I did find one or two in his booth that I would have bought to sell if I knew the price. I asked him and he said the price should be on it (I did not see it). He said he would have to make up a price then. I glanced at some others and noticed some but not all were priced, however they were in the $5-20 range so not the price I pay for ones to resell. After coming home and discovering a youtuber that actually went there to buy postcards for his business I became more hopeful I could walk around more if I go back in May. I however have hundreds of postcards waiting to be listed. I only managed to scan less than a dozen this week and I still have to finish listing them.

Ironically it was while I was rearranging my hoarder hole, that I twisted my foot. It took over a month for the pain to go away. This week is the first week in a long time I could actually get up and walk without pain. So I resumed rearranging my hoarder hole. It is still not done. I exhausted myself taking one shelf apart and putting another together with the extra shelf. It did not go as planned but I did manage to get the “extra” shelf on a different shelving unit. I also got smaller bruises this time and I can still walk. Hopefully this week I can finish the area which is almost half of my living room. My desk is still piled too high with stuff to sort and I hope I can take care of that as well. Intermixed with my ebay items are my crafting and art supplies. I tried separating them into opposite sides of my desk but I drastically reduced my ebay inventory by donating the larger items and it is hard for me to gauge the space each will take up but still make sense organizationally. It might be a continual work in progress.

Anyway, I hope anyone interested in postcards to collect, send, or sell commemorates in a way today to spread cheer. Future goals of mine are to design my own cards to send and sell.