I Have Baby Tomatoes In Less Than A Week

I planted 19 varieties of eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes Thursday, now Monday, I have baby beefsteaks sprouted already. I hope everything I planted thrives. When it snows outside like it has this weekend, this gives me hope of a green future. I need to make room under my grow lights. I have a heat mat on my piano bench that is not near the grow lights. I need more lights. I have tons of seeds, mostly left over from last year and years prior. I did buy more, I can’t stop myself.

I took my first high potency Vitamin D today

Not pictured are my vitamin D capsules. This was the lasagna my boyfriend made for Christmas dinner. Like most things he cooks it was delicious. Unlike the meds I am prescribed I don’t have to read a bunch of warnings that make me scared to try it. I was scared to start the vitamin D, would it make me get sick to my stomach? Would it cause another stroke? WTF? I put off starting it until today because yesterday my stomach was already a little queasy for some reason. I did take it today, I have pains in my feet and arms but I think it is my usual pains that happen too often lately.

Later today I hope to do some baking experiments. Perhaps I could try to take a pic of my finished cookies if they are edible.

I sold a postcard yesterday ($4) and a lot of books today ($12) so that is more than I sold in December. Hopefully I can get back into the habit of paying off my credit card. I have not listed anything new in a long time so I hope to get back into the groove of doing that the rest of this week too. I am hoping the extra vitamin D gives me the energy to do everything I need to do. Maybe even the energy to post here more often. I often wonder how I managed to write everyday within a year after my stroke. I was still taking a daily nap back then. Most days now I can do without a nap as long as I don’t wake up too early.

What really prompted me to write a post today was an article about a women “earning” $1.5 million on an only fans account. She wants it to live off grid. WTF? I am not going to open an only fans account, that would be futile since I am basically the furthest from sexy I have ever been. Please brainstorm with me other ways I could earn enough to buy some real estate to live off grid, with my little greenhouse in a food forest and random rock collection.