Seven Years on Wordpress


This is part of a big Italian cook oven made to bake loaves of bread for the Italian immigrants working on the railroad.

I got a notice there is an opening for an apartment that is a lot closer to my family and boyfriend. So hopefully I will be moving again soon. There are many sights around where I live now like wind turbines, the river valley, so hopefully, I can get pics of all before I move on.


Do Tall Kitchen Trash Bags Block Sunlight?


I moved to an apartment this Monday. I am bruised, feel beat up. Tired as heck, and still everything is not unpacked. I still took time out to go to the grocery store in town to get a few things on sale and fruit and ice cream. I looked up at the cute buildings on Main Street and recognized the garbage bags hanging in the window…they are like mine a pain to rip apart and tie with one hand. I also wondered how effective they were as shades and blocking people from looking in. I am sure they are only temporary, and I will be sure to keep a lookout for an upgrade. I took this picture with my cell phone. I really need to get into the habit of taking my actual camera with me everywhere.

It is bittersweet saying goodbye to the house I lived in for over 6 years. I have to check on it one more time to pick up my broom and a few things and say goodbye. Hopefully, the closing will be this week too.

A Week I Can Barely Handle


I have been overwhelmed this week. My old lady who we were trying to nurse her ear back to health went to live with my daughter and her family. This house is sad without her. Every time I leave I want to tell her “I will be right back” or “calm down while I put your leash on”. I think even the cat misses her. My house was listed last week, shown to a couple of people Monday and I signed the purchase offer at my full asking price on Tuesday. It was my birthday. I had planned on relaxing and getting a pedicure. Instead, I stressed about being homeless, I worried about my son never finding a job, I worried about never getting anything done in a timely manner while I used a scanning app that belongs in hell. I finally got my pedicure, my third one ever in my life, and I don’t normally wear sandals but I did over the weekend and regretted not finding the time to fix my toes beforehand. My son finally got his high school diploma in the mail so I have one less thing to worry about. I am just concentrating on finding a place that will take me and my cat that does not have stairs and I can afford.









































Welcome to life with the Broad Street Bullies

A great place…follow if you love dogs and funny stories, rescue stories, heartwarming stories #NoOneStandsAlone

Overcoming the odds ..One step at a time

Welcome to our blog.  This is a blog that’ll Chronicle our experiences working with a 80+ dogs that were all set to be euthanized, as well as the people who surround us.   We hope to show you stories of hope, what can happen when people unite..the power of the collective voice against hatred and anger .

Almost every dog here has a champion… Someone who loved them and didn’t want to see them die .. Our job is to teach the dogs how to be with people and be safe and if we can’t make that happen then to make their life as  good as it can possibly be in our sanctuary.

We work really hard to make this their home and the dogs know it… We have different philosophies and different ways of doing things… Time is not a factor for them… There are no clocks on their…

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Accept This Rose


I took this picture in June, at the Minot Rose Garden in Brookline, MA. I most likely will not visit there again. I have been there many times. It was across the street from where my daughter used to live. There are other gardens, and I will accept any rose for a photo op.

The farm that I sometimes get my veggies from at the farmers market has a couple of sunflower fields that I can walk through and try to get some good pictures. They are supposed to have bees and butterflies too. I hope I remember to do it before I move away. I will be putting my house up for sale soon. I am not going to move too far, just into an apartment instead of owning my own house.

Bike Ride To Pixley Falls, NY


I don’t ride a motorcycle but the dog rescue group I volunteer for is having a ride starting at Utica, NY and ending at Pixley Falls, NY.  I occasionally donate, usually monthly and I just created a youtube channel to share videos of the adoptable dogs and events. I am off to a slow start, I formatted it wrong. Hopefully, I will not do that again. I also need to learn how to convert files so I can use videos downloaded to Facebook to share on youtube. Kim Strong often goes live on Facebook on the Justice For Lainey page featuring adoptable dogs in her rescue.

If you know anyone that rides in Central New York please share this blog post and video

Also, if you have a google account please help me out and subscribe to the channel, I need to reach 100 Subscribers to change the channel name. Thank you. If you love dogs keep watching the channel for more videos to be added. If you do not ride you can party at Pixley Falls, NY with food trucks and raffles July 28th.  Many volunteers asked community businesses to donate to make up gift baskets.

The dog in the flyer pictured is Fred Zeppoli, isn’t he the cutest? He is ready for his forever home. The Road To Home Rescue North adoptable dogs can be found on Petfinder.

Road to Home Rescue North just relocated and needs funds to install a heating and cooling system on their building. Paypal donations can be made to put New Heating System in the subject line. Thank you!

Abstract Art

Lu's Art

Medium is crayon and markers on paper. Leave your guess in the comments whether you think this is the work of my 4-year-old granddaughter or an adult artist.

I purged some of my stuff trying to make my house look larger and less cluttered so I can get it listed with a real estate agent. My daughter helped a lot. Ironically she always wants me to get rid of more stuff, but she would not let me use matches to solve my hoarding problem.

Hello Old Friends and New


I am still kicking. I spend way too much time wasting my time, so I am going to try to be more productive. I started this blog, and posted almost daily at first. I was bored and trapped with by my stroke recovery with limited physical energy. I still hit “the wall of fatigue” way too soon, but I can get by most days without a nap now.

I went hiking a week or so ago at Clark’s Reservation NY State Park. That is where I took this photo from. We went on a slightly more difficult trail and I had to have a little help getting up a few rocks. Most normal abled people could do it easily. I even saw some older ladies come in with sandals on. I really should hike more often, I think I weigh the most I ever have now. A yearly pass costs $80 vs paying for parking everytime you stop by. But it does not cost offseason, or when you have their approved disabilities you can get a free pass. Unfortunately, my disability is not on their list…though I might try to go in person to see if I can get one. I think I deserve one because I would write about their parks more than they do…lol.

My boyfriend put my training wheels on my bike, so that will probably be my next form of exercise trying it out…if I don’t fall and injure myself again. If I fall again, I will be so discouraged I will probably let my daughter have my bike and I will buy a tricycle. I am determined to make that bike work for me though, it is so pretty and I can ride on bike trails with the goal to someday ride the whole East Coast bike trail…but not all at once…I will print out a map of it and fill in the sections as I cover them.

I will try to post more often, maybe almost daily.

My Best Pic Of The Moon Ever


Thanks to it being visible and not a cloud nearby on a day I walked.  My name means goddess of the moon, and even if my parents did not name me after one I can still aspire to such greatness! Well, at least I walked about a mile. I have not walked in a really long time. I walked a week ago babysitting my granddaughter, but it was miserable, I was holding an umbrella with my good hand. Then I was holding my umbrella with my chin when my granddaughter’s umbrella blew inside out and I had to fix it. We turned around and went back home without reaching our destination.

I have a place open 24/7 nearby that I could walk inside during any weather, I have yet got up the courage to walk around there. I might just be lazy or want to avoid the smoking section. There is no sun or moon inside, that is for sure.