I created a PayPal.Me link

paypal.me/igneous44               a portion of all donations will go to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and Road to Home Rescue Support North…just an FYI and I will update if I ever get a donation…lol…I am still selling vintage items on Ebay, I opened a third account there to get more free listings…it has been pretty slow going…sorry I neglected my blog, I neglect many things.




I have another Granddaughter


She was born one day before my birthday! She is healthy and strong, she made faces and tried to eat her blanket shortly after I took this picture.

I have been very tired lately. I need to take my vitamins, for some reason I stopped taking them. I have to get ready for my trip to Nashville to see the solar eclipse. I have never been to Kentucky or Tennessee, so I will be crossing two more states off my bucket list.

Until I Am Pushing Up Daisies….


I continue trodding along, I observe the daisies.  I make choices, not always the best ones for me. I waste time online, I eat too much sugar. I don’t walk every day.  I am filled with millions of instant regrets. Time slips by as I get older and fatter. I forget more and more. I am preoccupied with unproductive thoughts. My routines slip and become obsolete. I need to slap myself out of this.

My New Bike


So I bought the bike of my dreams and fell over after I first tried riding it. I fell to my left, which is my side affected by my last stroke. I was not quick enough to stop myself. I skinned up my elbow and left myself sore for days or more. It is still sitting locked up in my shed as I contemplate buying adult training wheels and gathering enough courage to try again. I am still sore. The weather has been horribly hot or raining.

I have plans to take it on local bike trails and eventually a trip from Maine to Florida. I am a dreamer, but that is what keeps me going every day. If my dreams are dead, so am I.

A Few Personal Words About The #AHCA

2017-04-23 17.10.22

The bill known as #AHCA Trumpdeath, gives tax cuts to wealthy. Why do they even attach anything to a healthcare bill that is not about healthcare?

I had three strokes, my last one at age 47. I have been trying to get back to “normal” for over six years now. I still can not use my left arm or hand much. I have been trying too hard. I am now in so much pain in my left shoulder, I cry out several times per day. Enough about me…I hope to live many more years, now that my high blood pressure was finally brought under control.

Here is someone elses story, copied from facebook, one of millions of stories. In 2015, I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer at 26. I am a Baltimore native and I moved home, abandoning the dream job I had been offered in Los Angeles, so that I could receive medical care at Johns Hopkins and be close to my family, on whom I had to lean emotionally and financially.

As a recent law school graduate, I understood the role the SCOTUS decision on the ACA played in my care, as I was still covered under my parents’ insurance for the surgery that saved my life by removing the tumor that was obstructing my colon. I also understood that without that coverage and guaranteed issue, I would not be able to get a new policy when that one expired the following year when I was halfway through my chemotherapy. So the ACA actually saved my life and livelihood TWICE in one year.

After the election, I felt a personal obligation to defend the ACA, or at least its essential provisions. I realized that the same coverage might not be there for the next recent graduate to be diagnosed (70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year) and that didn’t seem right to me, so I started sharing my story with whoever would listen.

In December, after 6 months of being cancer-free, my cancer returned, this time in my lungs and lymph nodes. Because everything was still small, we didn’t have to treat right away, so I knew I had to use that time to fight harder, both for my family and the families of my fellow survivors and patients, to make sure no one had to suffer financially, as well as emotionally and physically, through cancer. Since then, my family and I have been out protesting, rallying, and sharing our story over and over and over. We joined organizations like the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network to voice our opposition to the AHCA in solidarity with the cancer community. I told my story, face to face, to nearly every representative Maryland has on Capitol Hill. And yesterday, shortly after the vote, Congressman Cummings told my story on the House floor, expressing the sorrow he felt for me and those in my position watching Republicans celebrate their victory.

I am telling you all this not to ask for your pity or your praise, but to tell you that despite the disappointment I felt yesterday, I am more inspired than ever to fight. Fighting is what cancer patients do best and we know that it comes in rounds. We won the first round, but the AHCA came back more aggressive, so it’s time to gather up our strength and do the work. I don’t know exactly when I will have to scale back on my efforts focus on my treatment, but imagine this fight will be far from over when that happens, so I am calling on you to fight on my behalf.

I’m asking you to join with organizations like the AMA, AARP, American Cancer Society, and the American Hospital Association to oppose this reprehensible bill. Demand town halls and meetings from your reps who voted for it. Organize demonstrations in front of their local offices during the recess. Start calling your Senators today. Speak at town halls and protests. If you know someone who relies on community rating or Medicaid for their care, urge them to tell their story or tell it for them if they can’t. Tell my story if you want.


2017-04-23 17.50.07

Let’s hope the GOP do not repeal the ACA and replace with their plan…their plan includes taking away money for handicapped children, allowing raising prices for most, excluding pre-existing conditions, so they can give a tax cut to the wealthy.

It has been raining most days, and it will be most days in the near future. I have not taken any more walks since my walk in the cemetery.

Signs Of Life Among The Dead

2017-04-23 17.12.46

I think this is a redbud tree, or some other flowering tree just starting to spring to life. I took a walk around part of the Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse last weekend to get some exercise. It is huge, and has many hills. I tried to hike up one hill and slipped in the muddy road…I caught myself several times on the grassy bank next to me. I kept going up, instead of turning around and attempting a different route. It was not my smartest move. I ended up climbing over a downed tree’s branches so I could use those to steady myself to get to the next road. My boyfriend came to see if I needed help, I asked him to pick me up with the car further up the road. After he left, a concerned stranger came to see if I needed help. I should wear a sign, I must look like a crazy drunk person. It was hard to balance with my feet slipping in the mud, I have a hard enough time balancing to walk on a normal straight paved road. I am going to add hiking shoes to my list of must haves before I try that again.

I saw many awesome stone buildings, a pyramid shaped vault, and endless old gravestones and obelisks….there was also the sounds and sights of nature, squirrels, birds, bugs, and many interesting trees and plants. I will be posting a few more pics of there on here in the near future.

Slow Spring

2017-04-20 16.58.40

Either I am impatient or the trees are taking longer to green up. This pic was taken just a few days ago, while I was in the Adirondacks. There was still snow on the ground in some places!

After a few days visit with my Mom, children and two grandkids I came back to a phone call from my friend letting me know she moved back to this state/area. We went out (group of ladies) to dinner, then some of us went to karaoke. I am now back into my regular schedule.

Walk In The Woods

2017-04-17 16.37.22It looked pretty dead, lots of trees were down. The name of the state owned land was Stone Barn State Forest, so of course I wanted to find the stone barn. I made it over the first downed tree. Ashley made it over as well, her leash did not get caught up. I did not venture much further, in every direction was groups of trees, felled together, too high for me to climb over.

I looked this stone barn up online, I actually read about it before. I naturally forgot about it. I was glad I did actually see it  from the road while driving by. Here is a peek; https://stonebarncastle.me/