The Legend Of Lainey Series

I am going to write from time to time about an animal advocacy group, Lainey’s Army. Today this frail little girl was rushed to the vet by the founder of the group, Kimberly Strong. These are her words and thoughts I have copy and pasted below.:

“When Brandy walked in my door tonight…

The tears flowed…I drove as fast as possible to the vet. I got there to walk in a waiting room full of people with happy fat dogs…and cats…

People who were laughing.. there with their families..

I sat there holding this sick emaciated…weak body……feeling her every bone…

And the emotions started …how very alone she must feel……with all those happy people with their well cared for pets….

I think about what this girl has gone through over the last 3-4 months…what her life has been…now she is sitting with a stranger in a strange place…not having any idea what is coming…if I am going to hurt her…feed her…yell at her…or just hold her and sob…

She has no idea…I will make damn sure no one hurts her again…

My heart breaksfor this gentle soul…for this baby …who has had no friend…no one to love her hold her….as I drive away and leave her at vet…the tears come with a vengeance…the pain of these animals is unreal sometimes…

And I race..because mine at home need me…so I fly there in out in out feed…then go to the kennel where they are all fed…most walked…some getting a little porky.,.and as I touch each one for sugar time..and walks…I look into their eyes…for all the pain…they feel…I see the fear…I see the wonder at each new stranger who approaches…

I see the hunger they have felt…the fear…the pain…and my heart breaks one more time…

I sit with my hugger Baxter… and just hold him…give him his reassurance…that he will be okay…

I remember the days Missy was like that…Sampson and Elmo too….

I think about Bentley and dusty….and my little bella….

I think about juno coming in trying to snag my hand..

George completely shut down until I sang George of the jungle to him…

And sooo many more…

I think about Lainey…and all we have lost and all we have saved…and the battles…and the wars….and the fights…

I give him a final squeeze…and move on to the next
…praying I have the strength to fight another day….and for many years to come…I have the strength to inspire people to stand tall and strong against these… atrocities….

And as they are settled all down in their beds…

I close the door saying goodnight to go home to the other crew…

I walk in the door they are silent…but ready to go out and play…the energy is not there…for me.tonight…brandy has zapped my strength and energy…and taken a chip out of my heart…

Then Missy gives me her whoo whoo whooo.saykng suck it up. Buttercup …it ain’t our fault…time to shake that booty with us outside…

And the balls fly…the toys get thrown…and the coffee pot is a brewing….because….

There is no other choice…

That is the answer….as I question where the hell I am going to find the strength to fight for the brandies….of the world….the Bentleys the logans…

The answer is …..there simply is no other choice….

So we hug a little tighter…squeeze a little harder…cry them tears….and continue to put one foot in front of the other….

This isn’t for anyone else but me really……because hopefully in a year.when this memory pops up….

..the need for this will have diminished…

Hopefully we find a way to get better…

Hopefully …….”Justice for Lainey Brandy

She is being taken care of at Lawton Animal Hospital, 315-829-4266, they take payments over the phone by credit card…just tell them it is for Kim Strong Justice for Lainey Account…..or simply paypal

The group started a few years ago, when a full grown dog was discovered starved in a cage. A man had been intentionally walking past it each day ignoring her as she was left in the elements and ate rocks and grass trying to stay alive. She was finally found and rescued but died a few days later at an animal shelter. Kim Strong was the one who held her as she passed, and vowed Lainey would not Stand Alone and she would get “Justice for Lainey”. Since then a facebook group has formed of thousands of members. They attend court hearings of local animal abuse cases. They have walked to Albany to try to bring awareness of the animal crimes bill, to get it moved out of the Ag. and Market and make it a felony. Animal abusers usually do not just abuse animals, they are usually people (people are animals), and are involved in other serious crimes as well. This needs to be addressed and stopped.

Lily O Lily


My cell phone pictures suck, this was much more awesome in real life.

I survived another kayaking adventure. It was a few weeks ago. I have not  been able to get my pictures from my phone to my computer until now.

I attempted to get out of the kayak all on my own. That was a very stupid decision. To make a long story short, I ended up with my legs wedged into the front of the boat. I then became paralyzed from laughing, embarrassment, fear of not getting unstuck (ha ha), and I really hate feeling weak and helpless.  After I recovered enough to skooch myself back into sitting in the seat, I discovered the best way for me to get out is to have John steady the boat while I try to stand up and step out on my own. Maybe next time I will be a pro about it.

So I donated a carload of stuff to a charity garage sale. I spent most of Friday helping out as cashier at the sale. It reminded me of why I hated garage sales….they are so not worth all the work. This one for charity did make a profit, since there were many people who donated….I even collected some things from my boyfriend. People were also just stopping by to donate cash to our cause or stopped by the sale since it was on a busy road.

Saturday night I went to listen to some live music at the NY Blues Fest in Syracuse, NY. We got rained on, followed by a rainbow and more pleasant weather.

Sunday I went to my nieces baby shower. I sat at the table with empty chairs and one other person. (whom I did not know) I would guess the empty chairs should have been filled by my relatives. I did get to chat with my niece as she made her rounds and stopped at our table. I also talked to her mother for a few moments.

My Granddog


He is still a puppy, his dad is a St. Bernard so he should be big. He has huge front paws. His name is Chewbacca. We call him Chewy. The last time I saw him, I helped my son by driving him to his follow up vet appointment. He was still wearing the cone of shame after being neutered.

He fits his nickname he chews everything in sight. He has become sick from eating some rocks and sticks from outdoors. Here he is sneaking a few bites of his leash.

My Son Was Married Last Weekend


I only have a couple of crappy cell phone pictures. My boyfriend and sister took pictures so I will share some of theirs soon.

They were married in a NY State Park. Robert Treman. My boyfriend has a photography site on facebook, you can see better pictures of the park there:

My son and grandson wore kilts, it was hot out, he also wore a plaid sash, stockings, purse? pin, all kinds of Scottish regalia…my younger son wore a black suit, white shirt, black tie, fedora, sunglasses, and matching plaid sash, he wore his long dark hair in a braid and wore his work boots, my son in law wore his suit jacket, slacks, and gangster shoes. My daughter and granddaughter were in the wedding too, so all were dressed up and together at the same time.

I was a hot mess. Literally it was 90 degrees out. We were camping. I only found ice cold showers before the wedding. I braved it long enough to wash my armpits and kind of splash water everywhere else. We then had to walk back to the cabin to get dressed, so by then I was starting to sweat again. I managed a bit of makeup, but did not have time to put on my mascara. We drove down to the pavilion where the wedding was taking place and really felt the heat in the sun. I sat near the back rows to be in the shade, since my mother wanted to sit there. It was a short ceremony. I then sat inside since it felt cooler in there, and was thankful for the breeze. It was still warm. I have not drank any alcoholic beverages since the new migraine med I just started. I am getting an MRI this week and did not want any complications to interfere.

It was my first time camping since my daughter was in girl scouts. I learned many things about the next time I attempt camping. Number one is to bring more cushioning. Number two is to not rely on public showers. We found the warm camp showers we parked in front of later, but they were not pristine. Even though I used the handicapped shower stall because it was bigger and I needed to sit to put my shower shoes on, there was no where dry to sit and get dressed. I got mostly dressed standing up, I got my shirt and underwear on. I could not get my pants and shoes on without sitting down. It was hard trying to put my pants on without letting them touch the gross floor.


Perennial Garden Update


I have lots of Iris blooms this year, for the first time since transplanting. I took a shovel full from my Mom’s house. They were in a planter for a year, then in this perennial bed I threw together for two winters. I believe they are called Japanese Iris, they are smaller than normal Iris. My perennial geranium is in the background, that is blooming great this year too, and spreading some. I have lots of weeds and grasses trying to grow in this bed, but I am trying to keep it weeded. I had tulip blooms earlier, Sedum plants are growing, and the Rudbeckia is growing back too. I let my son take some of my Rudbeckia for his place last year.

I have planted a few of each of the seeds my boyfriend gave me as a gift. So far, only the moonflowers are growing well. You can see the tall grass in the background. I struggle to make my teenage son mow the lawn. It has been raining, so obviously he can’t mow when it’s soaking wet. He mowed just the front yard, now I will have to wake him up to do the rest before it gets dark. Tomorrow we leave to camp in a cabin for the weekend for my oldest son’s wedding. It will be an adventure and a lot of fun, work, and worry too. I am only worried about my dog in the campground around other dogs. I also am a little worried about leaving the cat home alone for two nights and three days.

All My Kids Were Together


It is highly unusual for me to see my three kids and two grandkids all at the same time. It happened yesterday. My daughter and granddaughter were visiting my son, daughter in law, and grandson. I brought my teenage son down for the afternoon and evening. After a late lunch and kids naptime, we went outside to enjoy a fire and fresh air. My son made some really long sticks to roast marsh mallows…lol. Just my boyfriend and son in law were missing, but we will all be together in a few weeks for my son’s wedding.

It was tiring, I drove about two hours each way. I left my dog home because she does not like other dogs. My son’s puppy is still excitable, their tenant has a dog that does not like dogs either….but maybe someday they will all get along. So we had to drive back the same day. I am trying to catch up on housework and gardening today. It never gets caught up….right now I am so tired and I have not been outside yet to water the garden or weedwhack.

I put some pictures on facebook, and spelled my grandsons name wrong….stupid stroke brain…no one said anything, but I caught it myself and edited it.

This Is What Life Should Look Like


Free of drama and stress. This was my first time ever in a kayak. Over five years post stroke. It is my goal to do this by myself someday. My awesome boyfriend helped me in and out and did most of the paddling….it’s his tandem kayak he bought so we could be together.

The beginning of Memorial Day Weekend we spent peacefully on the maiden voyage (both mine and the kayaks). We started at a reservoir, then went down a creek as far as the fallen trees and stream depth allowed. In this picture we had stopped in the shade for a snack and to cool off in the clear water. We saw minnows, a shrew swim across the stream(or other rodent), geese, ducks, a kingfisher and other birds, dragonflies, carp, and many small turtles.

Yesterday, I slept in….I guess all the new adventures fatigued my brain. I took it easy even though none of my muscles hurt. It was still too warm to exert. I was glad Mother Nature watered my garden for me. She does a better job than me. Today I get to see my two grandchildren together for the first time. I have seen each separately at different times, and they have been together once before, but I was not there.

Happy Birthday To My Sweetie!


I suck at gift giving. The thought process antagonizes me….Special occasions, weddings, birthdays, Christmas….no gift seems exactly the right fit at the right time…barring those things out of my budget. What do you get someone that has everything? My mother I get lottery tickets, she does not normally buy them herself…but for a few seconds she has hope…and I have disappointment it is not the indoor pool with servants and waitstaff she hoped for….lol.

Today is my love’s milestone birthday….60 years young! He is healthy and he has me for a girlfriend….what else could he ever need or want?  Since I have not been back to work since my stroke, I get to relive some of the unpleasantness of working for someone else through his tales. My wish for him is a windfall of cash so he doesn’t have to put up with corporate politics and other b.s…..instead I bought him a book off of his Amazon wish list….it will be delivered later this month.

I Started My Garden Yesterday


This is not a pic of my garden, ha ha, my yard is still a mess….I only did about 1/4 of what needs to be done. I planted three buckets of peas. I prepared three more buckets for planting kale, spinach, and lettuce. I transplanted Sedum into a raised bed. I moved a bunch of pots from the front of my house to near the garden. I did some weeding and weedwhacking, I picked up fallen branches, sticks, and pinecones. I still have more of all of this to do….I am sore, out of shape, and strained my good hand, plus broke my chair I use to garden. I got out a couple of my garden gnomes.

Yesterday I also had my son do some practice driving. He went on a major road for the first time. He needs a lot more practice….but I think he will be more receptive to the idea that he needs to grow up and learn life skills.

My Chunky Happy Handsome Grandson

2016-4-06 Diana's photos 009

This pic is a few weeks old. When I saw him a week or so later, he was heavier! He smiles and laughs when you talk to him. His parents are getting married next month….so I will post an updated picture then.

My daughter sent me a Mother’s Day card that my granddaughter had signed and embellished with her artwork. I can imagine her saying, “let me do it”, since my last visit that was her independent spirit.

I wish they both lived closer, and that both my arms would work to pick them up and hug them.