Hello Old Friends and New


I am still kicking. I spend way too much time wasting my time, so I am going to try to be more productive. I started this blog, and posted almost daily at first. I was bored and trapped with by my stroke recovery with limited physical energy. I still hit “the wall of fatigue” way too soon, but I can get by most days without a nap now.

I went hiking a week or so ago at Clark’s Reservation NY State Park. That is where I took this photo from. We went on a slightly more difficult trail and I had to have a little help getting up a few rocks. Most normal abled people could do it easily. I even saw some older ladies come in with sandals on. I really should hike more often, I think I weigh the most I ever have now. A yearly pass costs $80 vs paying for parking everytime you stop by. But it does not cost offseason, or when you have their approved disabilities you can get a free pass. Unfortunately, my disability is not on their list…though I might try to go in person to see if I can get one. I think I deserve one because I would write about their parks more than they do…lol.

My boyfriend put my training wheels on my bike, so that will probably be my next form of exercise trying it out…if I don’t fall and injure myself again. If I fall again, I will be so discouraged I will probably let my daughter have my bike and I will buy a tricycle. I am determined to make that bike work for me though, it is so pretty and I can ride on bike trails with the goal to someday ride the whole East Coast bike trail…but not all at once…I will print out a map of it and fill in the sections as I cover them.

I will try to post more often, maybe almost daily.

Day 16 I Am Thankful For Other Bloggers

I started reading blogs less than 5 years ago. I believe it was because I was super isolated and bored post stroke. I was seeking out other stroke survivors, long before I knew there were stroke support groups on facebook. (I have been on facebook groups since I joined fb in 2006) I was reading today ¬†another stroke survivor blog that was one of the first I have read, there were thinking of stopping posts. I decided that I am truly thankful for the opportunity to read everyone’s blogs besides my own. I hope everyone keeps making posts when they can.

I also read quite a few non-stroke blogs, because who wants to live 24/7 in a stroke saturated world? I am just naturally curious and like to look up different subjects from time to time. One blog I found actually had advertised on craigslist! She is not stroke related but only lives an hour or so away from my area.  I also sub to some photography and other artsy types and or homesteading types. Each one is unique, and I like to read diversely.IMG_5684