Days of My Life…As My World Turns

Just keeping everyone up to date with my personal life. I met someone on plenty of fish and we are meeting later today for pizza. I am beyond psyched.

I had to spend half the day Friday getting my car tires and brakes fixed to pass inspection. I had to buy a new tire, New valve stem with sensor, and get new brake pads and fix the rotors. Yikes, I thought the most it would cost me would be $200, it was almost $400. Something has to give, and I am not going to let it be my fun. I do admit, I will be looking for those best things in life are free type things to do. I have my blogging class to keep me busy as well, with lots of reading, writing, and widget experiments.

My son’s dad called him. I think they connected on facebook as well. He told him he was sending him a check. I hope he does so my son does not feel totally let down. He has not paid child support for over a year.

I hope I make a good first impression. He knows I had a stroke and have some problems. I hope my worst problems stay home. Brain do not fail me now.

Day 30 & 31 Last Positive Afirmations


The last day of 2015, yippee, no not really, slow down time you are going to fast for me.

A quote I found on facebook, and shared on my facebook and now here:

“I have never met a person whose greatest need was anything other than real, unconditional love. You can find it in a simple act of kindness toward someone who needs help. There is no mistaking love…it is the common fiber of life, the flame that heats our soul, energizes our spirit and supplies passion to our lives.”
-Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

I am not sure if i mentioned it here, but I signed back up for plenty of fish. I hope to make the most of 2016. I want more fun, and of course more love and no more loneliness. My only resolution is to be more positive. That is really big for me after living for 52 years as woe is me. Woe is me no more. Go me.

According to the nursery rhyme, Wednesday’s child is full of woe. I was born on a Wednesday (I just looked it up). My d-i-l and I just looked up this rhyme as my grandson was born on Wednesday too. I said his life will not be full of woe. Mine was only full of it because I let be that way.


My 4 Year Anniversary Yo!


It’s my Anniversary with Word Press…they congratulated me, or I would not have known. I am 52 and alone. My new guy turns out not that into me. He wants to improve himself…cough cough, cry. I have been alone longer than with someone.

I am a lovable bundle of fun. Who would not want to be with me? I love myself. I really thought I finally hit it off with someone, but I am let down again. I don’t have a clue as to what I am doing wrong. Somebody please clue me in.

The Universe Provides


I asked and I received the best cat, the best grandkids, and soon I will meet my love.

I have done something different, because doing the same thing over and over without getting the intended results is futile. I have met someone online from a facebook group and will meet him in person next weekend. Don’t bother with your warnings that I will meet a fate such as death or worse. I have already met worse it is called my life since the stroke. Even if I am killed in a plane crash on the way there, or by getting tied up and tortured I will be happy that I did something positive for a change. I finally am starting to let go of my fears so I can have a happy life.

We need to take small chances, work on miracles, and go for our dreams. Sitting alone day after day is not a life. Make your miracle happen for you today. Feel free to enjoy mine as well, yet I won’t be sharing every detail. I can not change everything about me at once.

Tired, Tired, Tired


I met a guy from POF last night. I am overwhelmed with information, new ideas, just unexpected things. My stroke brain in overwhelmed. It would have been just simply meeting a new person to anyone else. I already had a walk in a botanical garden planned for today. When he asked if I wanted to hang out with him today, he might of thought I was trying to make up excuses not to.

When I got to the botanical garden, my camera was not acting correctly. I hope it is not broken. I saw a bunch of Monarchs in a butterfly house. They had many of the same perennials I have in my garden already. We also went inside the cooperative extension building to see a beehive behind glass. It was cool how they had a pipe so they could fly in and out of the building.

Outside while talking to my friend in the parking lot, I got a wave of nausea. I left soon after for home. I still did not feel well so I tried to take a nap. I became very hungry since I did not eat anything all day. I took my son for ice cream. We have not been in a long time. After that I rested up with the intention to go to the auction tonight. I was not feeling 100% so I decided to stay home. Money saved to do something else before the next payday. I also had time to bring the laundry in off the line. I hope to get a few more small jobs done inside the house before retreating back to bed to read my book for the book club.