Day 17 Positive Affirmations


I apologize for todays bad picture. I seriously need to take some new pics.

Todays positive affirmation is really needed by me today.  It is again from Twiiter, that is full of awesome quotes and affirmations….
I will throw less curveballs in my life-I will create positive change

Today I  hope to make positive steps for improvement. I need to push through the fatigue just a little more. I also need to take care of myself just a little more. I have gone without naps for a long time now. I vow to rest today, yet still get work done.

Surprise, I Have a Grandson!


They were told from two sonograms it was going to be a girl. The shower was girl themed. My son started filling out the baby book with the girl name they had picked out. When my son called he told me I had a grandson, I thought he was joking. I was laughing, but I am just happy he is healthy and mom is doing ok too.

I went to see him yesterday, because my son has appointments today and tomorrow. It is a two hour drive one way. I am a very tired grandma. I had fatigue bad today, but I pushed through. I had to walk up stairs at my son’s appointment because the elevator was broken. I managed to flip my mattress over, put medicine in my dogs ears, and list a few things on Ebay. It took all my strength. I have to do more listing tomorrow, I need a lot more sales. I have to figure out health insurance disasters too. I am glad I had milk for my son to eat cereal for dinner. I will probably not cook tomorrow either.

So days 9 and 10 of my daily positive affirmations are over.  I am positively wiped out…lol. Day 9 affirmation, “I love being grandma”. Day 10 affirmation, “Just do it”.

I will try to start up the daily affirmations tomorrow morning.


Day 18 of my Attitude For Gratitude


This pic I took with my kindle, so not high quality, but it shows my old loves greying face as she sleeps on my shoulder. I had to leave her home alone today for about an hour. She does not like to be left behind. Her face used to be all black on the side. She seems to fill in with more white every day for the last few years.

I went to get my blood work done and a chest x-ray for my upcoming doctor appointment. I then went shopping for some last minute Thanksgiving items. I forgot some and could not find one at the two stores I went to. I might have to go to Wegmans (a bigger store near Syracuse) to get one ingredient for my pregnant daughter in laws pie request. Of course after helping my son carry everything in, and I putting it all away, I laid down to watch youtube videos (my netflix was not loading). I also read a bit more of my book about the human vibration. I am learning all the answers to my questions of why not me? Here is a hint, I need to breath deeper, to get more oxygen into my blood. This is a tip that is beneficial to everyone.

Today, I am thankful for getting all the rest I require. Some days, when I am down, I stay sleeping too long. I am going to try to get up earlier and earlier everyday, until I get a more regular sleep pattern going. I am not going to allow myself to sleep my life away. At the same time, I am going to take naps to recharge. I still get strong stroke fatigue. I know the difference between my sad states and my stroke tired feelings.

I Have Been Too Tired To Post


This is my brother and sis in law’s chiweenie, taking a rest.

I was watching my granddaughter all week as she destroyed my house. I drove a ton, which is tiring in itself. I am trying to keep up with my Ebay, selling more items, but for less money. I have also just been trying to keep myself showered, dressed, and sane. I have been so tired that I have only been able to read a couple pages of my book.

Sometimes I need to push through the fatigue, but sometimes the fatigue leaves me brainless, unable to talk right. I was mispronouncing all kinds of words.

Today, I am chipping away at housework, dishes, vacuuming, and catching up with errands. It will take more than just today to catch up.