Grandma Xs 2


Yesterday was my son and daughter-in-law’s baby shower. Lessons by me were learned. It is impossible to converse, hold a plate on a half paralyzed lap with one hand, and prevent a two year old from stealing your food. Most of my snacks got dumped on the floor. Always ask what the cake is made out of before you eat it, if you have food allergies. I took a couple bites happy that there was no strawberry filling. It was made with almonds, which are just as reactive to me. I was ok, and my sister finished my cake. I was glad someone else asked and I happened to be listening. It was delicious, I thought it tasted like coconut. A room full of strangers hands you things like slips of paper when your already at capacity. They had no idea, and I did not say a thing.

My camera captured about 1/3 of the pictures. I wish I had taken more. My granddaughter was the cutest thing. There were other children there. She tried to give a three month old baby a drink from another toddlers sippy cup. It was cute how she was concerned with the babies nurturing, yet did not realize he can’t drink water out of a cup yet, no matter how much dripped on him. (just a few drops)

I hope to remember all this info for the next gathering. I will try to plan ahead better. I can not wait to see my second grand daughter. I need to remember driving a few hours one way is different from having to drive a few hours back too.