1-6-16 Day Four: Identify Your Audience


Mockup sketch of my letterboxing stamp. My trail name is igneousidol of course. That has been my email name for a long  time. Igneous being my favorite type of rock. I love rocks, hence idol….because rock lover sounds like a music groupie….I would not mind for that to come true either. The picture represents some of my favorite things. I like circles, stars, elephants, and peace. I am not a child, just a simple adult…lol. I wanted a pit bull dog image too…but I am not that kind of artist.

Something totally different for me, since I never heard of Letterboxing until last year. I still did not have a clear understanding of what it is until last week. Basically, you hunt in public parks or ground from clues given online until you find the stash of Letterbox containing the placers stamp and journal. You bring your own journal and stamp with you. You stamp yours into theirs and then take their stamp to mark your journal. Then you hide the stash back where you found it.

Here are two websites you can go to letterboxing.org and atlasquest.com to find out more.  This is still very new to me too. I can not wait to carve my stamp and get a journal and inkpad. I think I will start at the dollar store.

I am too tired to write in detail of what I did today. Briefly my son did not go to school again. I went to trivia night. I have two guys writing to me on POF. I did more laundry. I ate shells, spinach, and ricotta for dinner. My camera is still not working. Sorry that is why I had to post a crappy pic again, taken with my cell phone in bad lighting.