Back This Thing Up


A pic of my tree 2018 in my new apartment. My favorite part of the tree this year is the light patterns on the wall and ceiling and reflection in the window. I need to figure out how to get electricity on the patio.

I realised after yesterday’s hasty post, that I left out a bunch of events that have happened in recent months. I have a much nicer apartment, which I consider one of the best things to happen to me in 2018. It is still for disabled and seniors only, but this one is much quieter and cleaner than the last one. I have a better layout, no closed in superhot kitchen. I am on the first floor. I have a small patio that I call a catio, though my cat only ventured out there once since I moved in. It has been cold right after I moved here, I think she does not like the cold concrete out on the catio. I have a view of the woods and a bit of the main road. I have seen deer, birds, bunnies and I was told there were squirrels too. I also have seen a wandering cat, I am not sure whose it is, but it looks like a little bobcat. I hope it is not feral. I also hope I never see it dead because it likes to walk in the road.

I have a new primary care doctor, although it is frustrating my old doctor has not faxed over my records.  My blood pressure has been both high and low.  I am back at PT. My PT is only a few blocks away. There is a walking trail nearby, it comes right up to my apartment parking lot. I only walked on the trail once, mostly because it has been rainy, snowy, or otherwise gloomy most days. I walked one day indoors with my older son and grandkids at the mall. The mall will be my go-to option to walk when the weather is too bad to walk outside. I drive my 19-year-old son to work once a week. He lives with my oldest son, so I get to see two of my grandkids more often. I still go to Syracuse most weekends to see my boyfriend. He has actually been here a few times. I still have a lot more to explore in this area.

Just a short while after my grandson’s third birthday, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I am trying to learn as much as I can about that. I am sure that sums up the last few months. I also planned to squeeze in a few trips to see family. Providence to see my daughter and family including my Ashley who they are taking care of. Dogs her weight are not allowed here. Also up to the Adirondacks to visit my mom and sister. Both of those road trips will be coming soon.

Abstract Art

Lu's Art

Medium is crayon and markers on paper. Leave your guess in the comments whether you think this is the work of my 4-year-old granddaughter or an adult artist.

I purged some of my stuff trying to make my house look larger and less cluttered so I can get it listed with a real estate agent. My daughter helped a lot. Ironically she always wants me to get rid of more stuff, but she would not let me use matches to solve my hoarding problem.

Hello Old Friends and New


I am still kicking. I spend way too much time wasting my time, so I am going to try to be more productive. I started this blog, and posted almost daily at first. I was bored and trapped with by my stroke recovery with limited physical energy. I still hit “the wall of fatigue” way too soon, but I can get by most days without a nap now.

I went hiking a week or so ago at Clark’s Reservation NY State Park. That is where I took this photo from. We went on a slightly more difficult trail and I had to have a little help getting up a few rocks. Most normal abled people could do it easily. I even saw some older ladies come in with sandals on. I really should hike more often, I think I weigh the most I ever have now. A yearly pass costs $80 vs paying for parking everytime you stop by. But it does not cost offseason, or when you have their approved disabilities you can get a free pass. Unfortunately, my disability is not on their list…though I might try to go in person to see if I can get one. I think I deserve one because I would write about their parks more than they do…lol.

My boyfriend put my training wheels on my bike, so that will probably be my next form of exercise trying it out…if I don’t fall and injure myself again. If I fall again, I will be so discouraged I will probably let my daughter have my bike and I will buy a tricycle. I am determined to make that bike work for me though, it is so pretty and I can ride on bike trails with the goal to someday ride the whole East Coast bike trail…but not all at once…I will print out a map of it and fill in the sections as I cover them.

I will try to post more often, maybe almost daily.

My Favorite Color Electric Blue


Actually sky blue is my favorite, I just wanted to be punny.  I finally took a long for me walk…meaning over a mile. Our winter has been mild. It has been above freezing often. It has been like a cool summer day or warm spring day in February. Now March has come in like a lamb as well. I fell down a few steps so I didn’t walk as much as I should have this winter. I put on a few more pounds. I am still saving up to buy a bike…so far I have saved $0….oh, well…I bought an unplanned farm share for this year, so I will call that an investment since I will get $50 more value for what I paid. I also had to buy 4  new tires and other car repairs. Now my car is much safer and rides much smoother. Otherwise I have been busy working on my Ebay, I went to the auction last week. I babysat my grandson Monday, so his dad could go to the dentist. I have been taking my youngest son out for driving lessons. I also spend time at my boyfriend’s.

In spite of all the fun and important stuff that I have to take up my time. (and trying to keep up with housecleaning) I have been busy on twitter, trying to stay informed on #theResistance. I can’t wait until dumpster is impeached, resigns, or expires. #resist

Fu Fu Friday

Up and down

I have no idea what to write about today.  I am exhausted from a shopping trip, I missed my morning nap. I did pick up a few things to help with my therapy.  I  bought isotoner gloves to compress my left hand.  I also picked up a pedometer to keep track of my walking, to push myself farther. Ironically, I did not push myself, or even figure out how to reset more than the steps button.  It was not a totally wasted day.  My son is now ready for the frigid north weather.  I jokingly said “since we are ready for snow, we will have an unusual winter with no snow”.  I can still daydream.  I also got to stare out the window, since I did not drive today.  That could be why my brain almost shut down, from over stimulation.  Some of the sightseeing highlights: a one tractor town, and said tractor was for sale….and a mobile home redecorated as a European chalet, very colorful.  Despite several moose crossing caution signs, the marvelous beasts were not out in public today.

Building a Bucket List

With all the time I had to reflect while lying in the hospital, or immobile times after, I realized my time is running short to complete my bucket list.  I thought I would easily live to be 100, and there would be plenty of time for play after I retired. I might never retire.  I did not write down my bucket list.  I have decided it is time.  Please leave all suggestions to the list in the form of a comment.  Make sure you are either making your list, or checking off your accomplishments.

  • Become a Real Estate Mogul
  • Hike the full Appalachian Trail
  • Hike the full Vermont State Trail
  • Visit every Island in Hawaii
  • Take a cruise anywhere, one to Belize planned for 2013
  • Earn another degree, possibly interior design or just open a furniture/art gallery
  • Visit Cali, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver
  • A train trip to ?? undecided ??
  • Road Trip Across USA, full length of Route 66 included
  • Drunken karaoke in Las Vegas
  • Own a swimming pool
  • Own a Boat
  • Visit Myrtle Beach
  • Own a farm, no livestock, just trees, preferably “Fruits and Nuts” ha,ha
  • Have solar or wind energy to run everything I own
  • Blow up one evil empire (don’t worry about your empire, just one certain person)
  • Own a electric Scooter
  • Have my own greenhouse
  • Build a castle or buy a cool one

Anticipation with a Side of Anxiety

not made like this anymore

I am awaiting my right to be free once more. I have not driven since my stroke happened in March. I need to clear up some loose ends with the dmv tomorrow, then hopefully I will be on the road again. This is so huge and important to me. I have been free to drive to my hearts content for over 29 years. When that was taken away from me, it took away my freedom, it left me empty and hopeless. If by some fluke I don’t get back my license tomorrow, at least my car will be back in the driveway. I can listen to my cds, as they sound best in my car…..and tilt the rear view mirror and catch a glimpse of hope in the corner of my eye.

Growing Up Successful, Or Not

Halfway through today, I get the dreaded call from school.  Did he fall and break a leg?  No, he has failed to hand in one particular piece of homework, since last Friday.  He is being placed in after school tutorial (previously called detention), and won’t be home until the late bus brings him.  Great, on several levels I am disappointed.  He had an appointment to get his mop chopped after school (now rescheduled). This was highly important due to the fact his hair is the longest it has ever been,without even an occasional trim. He was asked everyday if all his homework is complete before he is allowed to do anything else. Besides being told every day it is all done (lies), he was told to let me know if he needed help with anything.  I was trying to be proactive, since second grade he has started each year off with not getting an assignment completed. He came home was surprisingly calm, but he had his meltdown shortly after.  At about the same time he asks why I don’t let him stay up later (like everybody else he knows). Well, he went to bed tonight peacefully (same old-time), all school work completed and regardless if he did not learn anything at all (either have I), tomorrow is a new day.

I heard about Steve Jobs tonight (RIP), and wonder what his mother (adoptive or otherwise) went through while he was growing up. Every time a highly successful person passes way before their time, you wonder how much more they could have accomplished.  How did one person do so many amazing things?  How can I unlock the

School Daze

genius that resides within myself?


Skinny Tuesday

I am finding it more and more restrictive, just trying to write something for the post a day, mostly because I know of the possibility of other people (that I know) reading it.  I have thought about taking it into a different direction, starting a new blog under another name, or just keeping it to pictures and captions.  I have always thought it much easier to write to strangers.  I keep everything inside.  I am just beginning to wonder why.  My blog needs more meat on the bones.  I need less wear on my soul.  I lost another pound on the scale today, therefore I share my skinny Tuesday.

I plan on keeping this blog and let it develop as I do.  In the future it will feature some of the art I make myself, plus links to other blogs that I admire.  My writing will get more meaningful as my protective layers are exposed.

Arches and Iron