Review of the movie, Anomalisa

I am writing this review, after thinking of joining the blogging community of Movie Addicts Union. Take a look what is happening there;

I  watched this movie this past weekend. It was different being it was the first stop action film I have seen that was for an adult audience. There were a couple of funny laugh out loud moments. I thought there were many more moments of just plain drudgery. The main character seemed depressed, and not the kind of person qualified to give self help speeches. That was his profession. He has an one night stand with a woman, Lisa , the only one he sees as different from the rest (the anomaly). Lisa then becomes the same as all the others and he returns to his depressing home where he has no control.

According to Wikipedia this was nominated for awards. I think it leans more towards the forgettable type of movie. I can see it becoming a cult classic though. Is my  Review as drab as the movie?  I think if you are curious to form your own opinion, and you have extra free time see it once and let me know what you think.

Here is a youtube video of the Anomalisa movie Trailer: