Last But Not Least, Thankful For Pets


Ash chilling like a villain on Thanksgiving Day. She is allergic to turkey, and millions of other foods and environmental things. I gave her a roasted carrot for a treat. She was pretty good, not begging too much. She had a twin sized mattress, sheets, toy, and comforter to snooze with. She also had lots of attention from a two year old, whether she wanted it or not.

This last day of Attitude for Gratitude, or Thankful November, I am thankful for my pets attention, warmth, reason to get up in the morning (and middle of the night), therapy, warmness, entertainment and laughs. I adopted a female black fluffy cat this year. She is a hunter, so I appreciate not seeing any signs of mice yet this year. If it was not so expensive for the vet bills, I would recommend everyone get a pet or two. If you can afford it, adopt don’t shop. There are too many unwanted beautiful souls in shelters, living on the streets and in the wilds.

I hope everyone can find something to be grateful for. Next month, I am going to try to do daily positive affirmations!

Feeling Sore


Last night the back of my neck hurt. Today I feel a soreness radiating out from there. It is probably from driving so much yesterday. I am not sure, but I know the hot weather is not helping. It stormed last night, so I did not have to water my garden last night.

First night with the new cat was uneventful. She is still hiding in my son’s room. She would not come out from under his bed. I placed her can of cat food there early this morning. She did eat about half of it by afternoon. I am trying to be quiet to not startle her. I will be washing dishes and making pizza this afternoon and evening. If she does not venture out by evening, I will probably take Ashley for a ride to leave the house quiet. Ash will be tired and ready to sleep shut in my bedroom for the night after that. I have let her out on the couch to sleep for now, she has been good obeying me not to eat the cat food. I know as soon as I leave her out of sight she will lick the cats bowl clean.