My Positivity Continues

I found one penny heads up two days ago, I found another one today. Both went into my pocket, I believe I will be wealthy soon. At least I am two cents ahead of where I was.

I started doing my daily walk…..finally. I skipped yesterday, it was nasty raining weather and I did not have any “good” clothes to wear to the casino to walk around. It is snowing today and colder than yesterday, but I plan on heading out shortly with a hoodie and sunglasses to keep the wind and my hair out of my eyes. I also will be doing laundry, and that is a workout. Both times I walked with my afo and cane. I can walk without both, but I walk faster with them. My goal is to walk fast to get a workout. I noticed I don’t look down ALL the time anymore….so that is an improvement. My feet and muscles are sore, but I can take an extra baby aspirin if it gets too painful. I am so doughy and out of shape from the worst Winter of my life….I once again swear to get my furnace fixed before next winter.

I will also be working on my Ebay when I get home. I plan on using any money I make from that to pay down my credit card. I still have a few things to list in my for sale bin. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice so I hope to get my shed open and find stuff in there that I might sell on craigslist. My old transfer shower bench is one.