Freshly Picked

Thanks to my brother who gave me a tip of a great Auction place not too far from me. I scored this Shawnee vase for $2. As soon as I got home and made my son dinner, I put my freshly picked item on ebay. I am new to this whole buying and reselling thing. But for a few dollars, I had a good time. If I had a few more dollars, I could have filled my car full. Now they also had a box of what I thought was McCoy planters that I bid on, but because of my limited funding it went above my budget. However, it went for under $20, and I know they sell individually for almost $20. From what I have been reading, I should have done some networking. I am a tad too socially awkward to do that the first day. I felt very self conscious about walking around in close proximity while previewing. I could have taken my time, but I was scared I would not get a seat near the front. I will know better next time. I will also remember to bring a backpack and other bags inside with me. They sold things in boxes for $2, which I would have taken, if I thought I could get it out to my car without looking like a invalid. Who the hell cares you might be thinking. I think that way too, until I am actually hobbling and hitting people with my left hand that tones up under stress.

While I am on my auction high, I need to clean up. My sister is bringing my washer and dryer tomorrow. I am hoping they are easy to move, once they are out of the truck.