I lost my twitter appeal


Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating the Twitter Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against participating in targeted abuse.

In order to ensure that people feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs on our platform, we do not tolerate abusive behavior. This includes inciting other people to engage in the targeted harassment of someone.”
I am deemed by them to be a BAD influence…yet dump jr is still on their spewing his hate with his backdrop of biden hanging from a helicopter. OK twitter, your choice. Now that I have something in common with the orange blob, maybe I can deprogram his kult? I am trying to be more productive with all my newly freed up time. Of course I am not going to use my time to try to connect with other people like twitter allowed me to have 17,000 followers, not a single one of them even messaged me to see if I am ok. Just like real life, I have no real friends.

I set all my seedlings out on the patio to harden off. I decided they needed tough love since I was getting dizzy bringing them out one or two at a time. (I can only use one hand so can not handle a heavy tray) My arm still hurt yesterday and I am not sure what I strained it on. The heaviest thing I lifted was a watering can.

I did not see the fox family outside yesterday, I did look out around the same time in the evening. I assume momma took them somewhere else to play. I think I hear them yip/chirp once in awhile, previously I thought that sound was a bird.

I did not see the hummingbird return after I hung out my new feeder. I am wondering if I should paint some red on the top of the lid to attract them? I hope some of my wildflowers grow that might help draw them in.

I was kicked off Twitter Again

Last years’s container garden

I had over 17,100 followers. I was on it everyday when I was not banned. I learned to spend less time on there because it did take away precious time from real life. The good things I will miss about twitter was sharing many animal rescue petitions, ebay listings for both myself (and my bf since I list some things for him) and my daughter (she is trying to start a new vintage resale biz), #StrokeAwarenessMonth posts, some of the people I followed were wonderful and famous like Stella Parton, Stephen King, Patricia Arquette. Mostly I spent more time on twitter trying to get rid of donald dump from the political scene. Who would have ever thought that such a loser would be one of the leaders of a horrible hate Kult? His followers are either brainwashed or just as horribly deplorable people as his racist, rapist, grifting lying family. If you are one of his fans, please stop following me. WordPress is for now my soapbox whilst (I have been watching a lot of foreign youtube and netflix) my Twitter account goes through the appeal process which is far less just than American justice.

Things in real life I will be hopefully spending more time on is my container garden (I live in an apartment). I asked the apartment manager last year if I could use part of the expansive lawn (that no one uses) to build a raised bed. She looked at me like I lost my f*cking mind, before she quickly said no. She told me to plant in the narrow space between the lawn and building that gets mostly pelted with rain coming off the part of the roof without gutters. Also, I was to do this in front of other peoples patio’s and windows? Excuse me I respect people’s private space as I hope others stay the F away from my windows too. So this year I have tiny seedlings I started, last year I started earlier and they grew bigger by this time. I have added a few more grow lights but my only two window spaces face northwest…mostly north. I have my bee waterer set out (shown above in last years pic) and I might make a second one this year that perhaps could also be a bird bath. Why are bird baths so expensive? I like the concrete ones but they are too heavy for me. I would love to hang my bird feeder farther out in the “lawn”, but I am not allowed to block the path of the person paid to mow the grass so short he scrapes dirt. There are good things and bad things about this years garden possibilities. Bad is the place I got some amazing geraniums and other plants is out of business, they planned on retiring before covid and their place sold last year. Good is my son and daughter in law said I could do some container gardening on their land. Bad is I don’t know if I have enough time and money to plant all the seedlings I started. Oh well, at least I am not totally banned from gardening too. Now I need to have 17,000 followers on wordpress.

My Body Hurts

This was my favorite sculpture at the art park. It was called “Dervish”

It has been a few days since walking around the art park. My body still hurts. My left foot is swollen a bit and it is not even hot out.

I have to plant my eggplant, pepper, and tomato plants before I go out of state to babysit my granddaughter for a week. It is supposed to rain everyday, I will have to try to do it between raindrops.

I made a short youtube video of daisies blowing in the breeze. If you want to see it, here is the link: https://youtu.be/I3FHQdLsZMI

I Saw A Lot Of Wildflowers Today

I love Daisies

And these purple ones

I walked as much as I could today. We went to an art park. It had equal amount of interesting nature and great views. I noticed the wildflowers first. They had fields of them.

I am sore now. For some reason I hurt for days after walking. My knees are the first to complain. They were ready to give up. I need to keep on keeping on. I hope to lose enough weight this summer to make a difference in my strength and endurance. I hate feeling like I am 100 years old.

Buttercup Yellow, Grass Green, Purple

Millions of times better than snow. This pic is from right outside my garden plot. I have these same yellow flowers growing in the mowed grass right outside my apartment. I like how cheery and plentiful they are. The dandelions were first, but they seem to go by too quick.

My whole body hurts especially my legs. I went to plant a couple of my many peppers, my one surviving squash plant, and my one surviving pumpkin plant. I have very little confidence they will thrive. The blossom of the pumpkin fell off as I planted it, I left it nearby to add life to the dug ground. I am glad it is going to rain almost every day for a week. I don’t know if I will make it back today to plant more and clear out more weeds and grass from my plot.

I planted one of the two marigolds I left last time that was 99% dead from being dried out. I left them in the starter pots because I did not make it back the next day as planned to plant into the ground. My body is more limiting than I ever imagined. Every time I go to the garden plot and back I am in extreme pain for at least the next day. Yesterday I barely made it back to my car. My knee kept going out, this time on my right side. I kept stopping to rest before continuing on. I brought back the other dead marigold and planted it in my pot inside my patio. It had a bit of green on the stem so there is a slight chance it will recover. I saw hardly any of the seeds I planted sprouted. I might have seen one sunflower sprout and a few carrots. I accidently kept stepping on the kale spot then accidently dumped straw over it.

My whole garden plot is haphazardly planted by small sections I cleared of weeds from where I can reach by placing the folding chairs I can barely stand up from. I suspect that is why my legs hurt so much when I go there, I need something less flexible to sit on at a slightly greater height. My ass needs to be higher than my knees for me to stand up from sitting without great pains and knee twisting. My folding stool I use for hiking is ok, if the legs do not sink into the ground. It always sinks into the ground. It is also much easier if I have something to grasp to help pull myself up. The thin wire fence and fence posts are not always in reach.

I abandoned the idea of cardboard and woodchips. Two 5 gallon buckets of woodchips does not cover much. The cardboard I did bring already I will move to the entrance of my garden and break down into a semi walking path to mark the areas it is safe to step on because nothing is planted there (sorry kale). It can also be the base of my bee waterer that I yet have to take and set up. I still have pepper, eggplant, and tomato, summer squash, sage, and cucumber plants to bring there. It most likely will be later next week. Both of my hand shovels or spades bent backwards. One more severely than the other. If I survive this year, next years garden plot will be better and easier and planned on all winter.

Gardening is my therapy. I love the views from the plot. Even though I am surrounded by overgrowth of grass and thistle there are so many beautiful things to look at.

I started my 2021 Garden!

This year I added a metal planter to the 5 big pots I had outside my patio. It still sits empty as I am going to fill it with veggies and basil that I started indoors. They are still acclimating to being outside by living on my screened patio. I also need to mix up more potting soil, I am using coco coir that I need to hydrate first and adding equal parts of cow manure compost and ready made potting soil. Once I get the outdoor plants ready, I will take some to the community garden plot that I got this year. I worked just a few days there, I broke my chair and almost killed myself by dragging my cart through the grass. I hope to work at it smarter not harder, it needs a lot more work and my body can only do a little.

I had my second vaccine Monday

I have not had any severe symptoms. The first day my arm was sore much more than the first time. I had just my usual everyday fatigue. I had my usual hitting a wall physically after 8PM with my whole body.

Yesterday I spent a little time looking into doing voiceover work for some extra cash. I do not really have to mental capacity to learn new skills. I figured out how to do one test audio clip of myself. I then realized I will end up laughing at myself if I misspeak which post stroke happens a lot. I also realized my cat will get in the way and I do not have room in my bedroom (the only room with a door to keep out Luna) to set up a soundproof recording area. I also do not want to invest funds into mic and equipment to get better quality. So that was a waste of a couple hours for me. I will stick with what I know even though it only netted me an extra $5 last weekend.

I still struggle to keep myself and my apartment in some sort of normal sane existence. I still have projects and organization to finish. My garden seedlings also are taking up some of my brain power. I have fungus gnats so I am trying to get rid of them with diatomaceous earth. Besides my tomatoes with their first set of leaves and my bok choi that I never grew before, today I have a honey dew melon trying to sprout. I planted several seeds of 14 more varieties so I am still waiting for at least half of them to have a sprout or two. It has been over a week and I am impatient.

In less than two weeks I should be immune enough to start visiting thrift stores again and visit my mom who I have not seen in person in over a year.

There was still snow on the walking trails

I took this pic on Friday at Robert H. Treman NY State Park. You can see things have not greened up yet. I need to start walking everyday to save my life. I gained even more pounds. I got to my all time high again, then added 20 on top of that. Sometimes I feel like my heart will just fail. I get my 2nd Pfizer vaccine tomorrow. I will then have zero excuses in a couple weeks to not take a walk. I do hope the snow melts so I can walk in nature though.

Other plans for a few weeks after my second vaccine: Visit my mom who turned 80 in January, maybe take her shopping and out to lunch or dinner. Go thrift shopping for treasures to sell on ebay. My last thrift purchase was online. I did buy some auction items online and picked them up in person. I still have dozens of items to list, not including the hundreds of postcards I need to list.

I am trying to avoid working for others and just try to ramp up my sales to pay off my credit card and car loan. I have not saved anything since getting the new to me car and having car payments again.

Other things on my mind are trying to set up a youtube channel for stroke survivors…this will require me learning quite a few new to me things.