Filling In My Missing Thankful Journal


Pic of the Lemon Meringue Pie I made for my preggers d-i-l craving. It is not as perfectly even as it could have been. I am just happy it came out edible and had quirky bejeweled shimmering beads on top. (?)

I am making this post to “fill in” the missing pieces of my attitude for gratitude November Thankful Days journal. (so many puns, so little I wrote them all down to identify what I had previously posted and to see what days I had missed. It looks like I was a slacker all week, and duplicated a few days. Oh well it is what it is, post stroke I just don’t give a rats ass about mistakes I have made.

Day 21-I was thankful for days I don’t have to make sure my son went to school. (it’s Saturday) He actually made it a week and a half or more on his own. Relying on his alarm clock or internal clock, either way, I am glad he is growing more responsible.

Day 22-I was thankful for quarters and the new laundry mat close enough for me to dry my clothes and towels.

Day 23-I was thankful for delicious pasta, with no salt added jarred sauce and onions and peppers to provide an inexpensive but delicious meal…I think it is better than any pasta dish I have ate at a restaurant. For about $4 for two people, I ask why would I order pasta when I go out? The answer is, so I don’t have to wash the dishes and clean up the stove and counter and sometimes the floor…ha ha.

Day 24-I am so grateful my son has a wonderful counselor that he likes, trusts, and has helped to guide my son a bit back from the edge.

Day 26-It is Thanksgiving, I am so happy and grateful to get to spend it with all my kids and their spouses, my grandkids, and their friends. I like spending time with my family….maybe they think it is the cliche dysfunctional group, but I think we had a peaceful happy gathering…and I was not on drugs, I only had 1/2 glass of wine on ice.