Seven Years on WordPress


This is part of a big Italian cook oven made to bake loaves of bread for the Italian immigrants working on the railroad.

I got a notice there is an opening for an apartment that is a lot closer to my family and boyfriend. So hopefully I will be moving again soon. There are many sights around where I live now like wind turbines, the river valley, so hopefully, I can get pics of all before I move on.

Do Tall Kitchen Trash Bags Block Sunlight?


I moved to an apartment this Monday. I am bruised, feel beat up. Tired as heck, and still everything is not unpacked. I still took time out to go to the grocery store in town to get a few things on sale and fruit and ice cream. I looked up at the cute buildings on Main Street and recognized the garbage bags hanging in the window…they are like mine a pain to rip apart and tie with one hand. I also wondered how effective they were as shades and blocking people from looking in. I am sure they are only temporary, and I will be sure to keep a lookout for an upgrade. I took this picture with my cell phone. I really need to get into the habit of taking my actual camera with me everywhere.

It is bittersweet saying goodbye to the house I lived in for over 6 years. I have to check on it one more time to pick up my broom and a few things and say goodbye. Hopefully, the closing will be this week too.