Indigenous Peoples Day

A vintage postcard with the incorrect name of group of people on the back

If you have read my blog over the last 11 years or so you know I sell vintage postcards on ebay. Many images are amazing and haunting at the same time. Every card (but also movie, book, government document etc) that uses the word “Indian” to describe the indigenous Native American people that were here long before oppressive white settlers and opportunists should be called out. It is a shame that most people in the USA don’t recognize other groups of people as fellow humans. We should be sharing knowledge and learning traditions not making them jump through hoops for entertainment.

On a related note, a bloated orange oaf, twice impeached, twice popular vote loser who still has a cult of moron followers should be zapped every time he calls someone Pocahontas.

Today is World Postcard Day!

I will be listing this cute postcard either today or sometime this weekend on one of my ebay accounts. I sell about one to two cards (sometimes more or less) a month between the three of my accounts I have postcards listed. My 4th account has other items for sale, mostly right now stuff I am selling for my boyfriend that he got from his coworkers grandfathers estate. He had a small quantity of postcards but I do not think I listed any of them yet. I also use the 4th account to buy postcards both to collect and to resell.

Postcrossing dot com is a site set up to send and receive postcards from around the world. It is a great site. I have been a member there for about two years but I have long amounts of times I did not send any cards. Mostly due to the time it takes me to select a card for the recipient and then actually writing it out. It makes my hand cramp writing so small. I also spend most of my day just trying to live, like feed myself, shower and do errands, recover from an activity (both mentally and physically) I have done recently. So I spend great amounts of time in the spring gardening for example, so sent no postcards for months. I now have got back into it about a week ago. Being I did not realize it was world postcard day today, I did not reserve one of my slots (I have seven right now) to post a card today. What I have done today to commemorate, besides writing this post, is to look for postcards at the thrift store (they had none), and I bought two elephant postcards on ebay (where I usually find my postcards for my collection).

My postcard collection mainly consists of places I visited and vintage elephant postcards. I might do a youtube video someday about my postcard collection. I was hoping when I went to the Brimfield antique show in September to find some to collect or list on ebay. Because of my foot that I hurt a week or so before I did not walk around very far. The one booth that had ephemera and postcards was disappointing. I did ask him if he had any elephant postcards and he said no. I did find one or two in his booth that I would have bought to sell if I knew the price. I asked him and he said the price should be on it (I did not see it). He said he would have to make up a price then. I glanced at some others and noticed some but not all were priced, however they were in the $5-20 range so not the price I pay for ones to resell. After coming home and discovering a youtuber that actually went there to buy postcards for his business I became more hopeful I could walk around more if I go back in May. I however have hundreds of postcards waiting to be listed. I only managed to scan less than a dozen this week and I still have to finish listing them.

Ironically it was while I was rearranging my hoarder hole, that I twisted my foot. It took over a month for the pain to go away. This week is the first week in a long time I could actually get up and walk without pain. So I resumed rearranging my hoarder hole. It is still not done. I exhausted myself taking one shelf apart and putting another together with the extra shelf. It did not go as planned but I did manage to get the “extra” shelf on a different shelving unit. I also got smaller bruises this time and I can still walk. Hopefully this week I can finish the area which is almost half of my living room. My desk is still piled too high with stuff to sort and I hope I can take care of that as well. Intermixed with my ebay items are my crafting and art supplies. I tried separating them into opposite sides of my desk but I drastically reduced my ebay inventory by donating the larger items and it is hard for me to gauge the space each will take up but still make sense organizationally. It might be a continual work in progress.

Anyway, I hope anyone interested in postcards to collect, send, or sell commemorates in a way today to spread cheer. Future goals of mine are to design my own cards to send and sell.

Another Ebay Rant

I have 4 ebay accounts, my first one I started in 2012 (after my stroke, to help make my car payment). I sold for years with nothing but positive feedback, if people bothered to leave feedback. I estimate only 10% of buyers leave feedback. Once, a few years in, I got one negative feedback. It was for the way I packed his comic books, even though they were mailed as described in the description in the sale. Many more years passed and still only positive feedback. Then a few weeks ago I got a negative feedback on my newest account (still years old). The person instead of asking for a refund/return when she got her item proceeded to take the plating off ruining the item. She messaged me several times before leaving feedback. If I cared to spend an hour or longer to call customer service I could probably have it taken off. Anyhow I finally shrugged that off, not all buyers are honest or kind. So today I got a neutral feedback from someone else (on a different account thankfully) because they did not get their postcard (not the one pictured). I refunded them as soon as they messaged me, it was sent untracked so it could have been lost in the mail or delivered to someone else. They got their couple of $$s back, and they thought it best to leave me a neutral feedback….motherpluckers. I don’t sell much, maybe one item per month if I am lucky. I sell mostly postcards and I am still going to continue handwriting the address and putting a real stamp on which means no tracking. I feel like ebay is always sending me negative energy. They keep changing their site so I have to do multiple more clicks if I even remember to check each account. Back when I started and many years after I could see everything needed on the same page. There I could easily see what I sold, if it was paid, if it was already shipped, what was unsold and could be relisted, and the current active listings. Not anymore, now it is good luck remembering what to check and where to find it and hope it is only one or two extra clicks per item. They also even changed sharing to pinterest which was one click after listing…now I have to click back on the item then click on pinterest, then click which pinterest board I want to share it on.

I want to say rant over, but is it? Will it ever be? I don’t forsee anyone at Ebay to even understand what I am talking about. I want to know if any of their employees or programmers ever sold items on ebay.

Dear Religious Propaganda Sender:

I believe in Science! I have read parts of your horrible book full of terror, perversion, and the call to stone people to death. I implore you to go to your local library and read lots and lots and lots of other books. If you want to discuss geology or botany with me feel free to write back. I kept your stamp to craft with and I hope you recycle the rest of this paper.

P.S. The person you addressed this to died in 2003! I will just sign my name as current occupant in case this is some kind of scam.

Have a lovely day!

Sending this off tomorrow, if I get more propaganda from them it is on…I have some text from non-fiction to send back to them.

Ebay Rant

some kind of milkweed?

I have been busy the last few weeks and have not listed anything on ebay, except for some items for my boyfriend. I tried to list some postcards today, or at least make drafts, now that I finally got my new computer to recognize my printer/scanner. In the past I scan the front and back of one postcard then try to throw up a quick draft on ebay so I can delete what I just scanned. I do it that way so I don’t mix up which one I am doing at the moment or mismatch the fronts and backs. I am not sure if it is a stroke brain thing or my scanner app is totally shit thing, but I get confused too easy on what order the postcards are. Back to my rant EBAY IS CHANGING THEIR LISTING TOOL AGAIN!!! FFS!!! it is taking me longer and more frustrated, I barely got the front and back of one postcard on draft and only managed to rotate one and I give up. I was also reminded of how shitty their only two choices that come up to list postcards is shit too…Ebay is constantly trying to be something else and I just want to scream. I have sold about 2 or 3 postcards in the last 90 days…I am wondering what kind of videos I can make to show my postcards since they will be allowing videos on the listing tool soon.

I don’t want to try etsy because I am not going to pay to list my stuff, some of the postcards I sold the last year have been listed for almost 10 years. The listing fees would accumulate to more than anyone would buy a postcard for.

In other my calming news, my wildflower container is ready to bloom it’s second type of wildflowers. (not in the above pic, that was from a walk) The zinnias that I did not plant are blooming out front. I planted some in the middle of my wildflower container but mine are still puny. I will give them a little miracle grow this week after the storms are over. I decided if my bloom this year I will add zinnias to my list to plant every year. The county finished the garden in the apartment lot. It has tomatoes, peppers, swiss chard, some sort of cucurbits (nothing is labeled) and a few rows of radishes. Someone (not sure who) put a religious sign in it. I am not religious, and seeing the sign makes me want to puke.

When my granddaughter was here we saw some baltimore orioles. I purchased some bird feeders and put the oriole orange colored one out. I have not seen them since. I still need to put up another pole to hang the other feeders off. I don’t want them close to my patio since I think it would attract mice and squirrels.

Slow Gardening

I made my second bee waterer a few weeks ago. I used a thrift store plant stand and thrift store vintage aluminum dish with rocks, glass stones, small terracotta pot, and a gnome I had on hand. To the left is the wildflower mix seeds I bought a year or so ago and decided to plant in a container this year. My hopes of buying a small plot of land to put my garden, garden shed, and greenhouse to hang out at vanished with the rising property costs. (since covid rare offerings for sale) I still have my container garden outside my apartment. This year I also have some grow bags placed on stacked pallets that my son and daughter in law allowed me to have at their place. (pics will be shared if they survive) I am not done planting out my puny seedlings yet, I spent a few days last week and yesterday planting and have more to do tomorrow. It rained today but I went out between raindrops to get some pics. I want to make myself a chart of what I planted and where even though I have some things labeled. Today I noticed a few “holes” that some animal made and I can not tell if something is missing (eaten) or that I forgot to plant there (oops). A hummingbird buzzed by me two times yesterday, but did not drink from my feeder.

The county cooperative extension is supposed to build a fenced garden in the yard of the apartments. Yay, if it happens. It won’t be enough space for me to play in, but I can take pics of the progress of that too. Today it is 4 stakes with string making a square. I don’t know of the timeline, I just found out yesterday from my neighbor why the string was there.

I have not seen the fox family again, but neighbors have seen 5 kits playing in the yard and woods area. I am worried about them since I found out that the reason trees were chopped down were to build two houses in that swampy woods area. Someone came today and drove stakes with orange tape at the top not too far from where I saw the fox family. I can think of many better places to build new houses. I like the foxes being my neighbors.

It Is 3AM Do You Know Where Your Blogger Is?

Not sleeping. At the moment I am thinking of my plants. I am thinking of my old computer that is almost unusable. I am thinking of my new computer and how am I going to pay for it every month. I don’t know how people live with just phones for online access.

My bf is snoring extra loud and I’m trying not to wake him up. My arm muscle is twitching in spasms. I would like to read more of my book but the light is either too blinding or not enough to see clearly.

I started reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand last week

I usually do not read war stories. I finished my own book I was reading at my boyfriends, and randomly picked one off his headboard bookshelf to read. If it was not to my liking, I would have simply brought another one of my books to read this weekend. So far it is mostly about the life of Olympic runner Zamperini. I like Lauren’s style of writing so I am continuing reading it.

As this is Memorial Day Weekend, in the USA, I noted how many had died during “training” as brought to my attention by the book. I actually had to google if it was to honor anyone that died while in service or only during war battles. Thousands of drafted young people died trying to learn to fly airplanes, or while learning to navigate stormy skies. Memorial Day is when some honor the famous heroes or those interred in DC, yet many are buried all over the world. War is hell, and in my opinion flying blind in a clunky ill designed airplane must have been hell too.

I need to post my #wordle score

Wordle 343 4/6


I don’t understand what other people’s beef is about people posting their #wordle score on social media. Tell me where it hurts?

I am not trying to brag, I am trying to challenge my own brain, I am a stroke survivor. I need little “games” and distractions to keep my brain working. It is so easy to shut down. It is so easy to shut me out, everyone has been ignoring me my whole life, so keep on ignoring go about your day.

Yes there are millions of important other things in the world, so let me know what concerns you? Name a topic and lets discuss. Of course there are a few topics I ignore, like gaming (I just suck at it so it holds no interest for me).

Can we put the social back in social media? According to #twitter, no social media for me. LIKE EVER. Fuck me. Fuck Twitter, I spent years on there.

You guessed it, I have no social life. I don’t want to be social with 75% (or more) of people. I do want to combat climate change that would help 100% of people. I do want gun control that would benefit the world. I want women to be 100% in control of their own bodies. I don’t want META to monopolize my info, and also skew perceptions.

Look at my #wordle score and try to be happy for me that I can still think sometimes when I can not do much else.