This Is What Life Should Look Like


Free of drama and stress. This was my first time ever in a kayak. Over five years post stroke. It is my goal to do this by myself someday. My awesome boyfriend helped me in and out and did most of the paddling….it’s his tandem kayak he bought so we could be together.

The beginning of Memorial Day Weekend we spent peacefully on the maiden voyage (both mine and the kayaks). We started at a reservoir, then went down a creek as far as the fallen trees and stream depth allowed. In this picture we had stopped in the shade for a snack and to cool off in the clear water. We saw minnows, a shrew swim across the stream(or other rodent), geese, ducks, a kingfisher and other birds, dragonflies, carp, and many small turtles.

Yesterday, I slept in….I guess all the new adventures fatigued my brain. I took it easy even though none of my muscles hurt. It was still too warm to exert. I was glad Mother Nature watered my garden for me. She does a better job than me. Today I get to see my two grandchildren together for the first time. I have seen each separately at different times, and they have been together once before, but I was not there.

Happy Birthday To My Sweetie!


I suck at gift giving. The thought process antagonizes me….Special occasions, weddings, birthdays, Christmas….no gift seems exactly the right fit at the right time…barring those things out of my budget. What do you get someone that has everything? My mother I get lottery tickets, she does not normally buy them herself…but for a few seconds she has hope…and I have disappointment it is not the indoor pool with servants and waitstaff she hoped for….lol.

Today is my love’s milestone birthday….60 years young! He is healthy and he has me for a girlfriend….what else could he ever need or want?  Since I have not been back to work since my stroke, I get to relive some of the unpleasantness of working for someone else through his tales. My wish for him is a windfall of cash so he doesn’t have to put up with corporate politics and other b.s…..instead I bought him a book off of his Amazon wish list….it will be delivered later this month.

I Started My Garden Yesterday


This is not a pic of my garden, ha ha, my yard is still a mess….I only did about 1/4 of what needs to be done. I planted three buckets of peas. I prepared three more buckets for planting kale, spinach, and lettuce. I transplanted Sedum into a raised bed. I moved a bunch of pots from the front of my house to near the garden. I did some weeding and weedwhacking, I picked up fallen branches, sticks, and pinecones. I still have more of all of this to do….I am sore, out of shape, and strained my good hand, plus broke my chair I use to garden. I got out a couple of my garden gnomes.

Yesterday I also had my son do some practice driving. He went on a major road for the first time. He needs a lot more practice….but I think he will be more receptive to the idea that he needs to grow up and learn life skills.

My Chunky Happy Handsome Grandson

2016-4-06 Diana's photos 009

This pic is a few weeks old. When I saw him a week or so later, he was heavier! He smiles and laughs when you talk to him. His parents are getting married next month….so I will post an updated picture then.

My daughter sent me a Mother’s Day card that my granddaughter had signed and embellished with her artwork. I can imagine her saying, “let me do it”, since my last visit that was her independent spirit.

I wish they both lived closer, and that both my arms would work to pick them up and hug them.

The Grey Brown Dull of Winter

2016-4-06 Diana's photos 002

I am glad the long NY State winter is over….it was mild this year, but it was still too long. I long for a greenhouse. I long for an escape van to venture out for warmer, more colorful scenery. This pic is a few weeks old. Everything is greening up and leafing out. I don’t want to get away until it turns back to dull. The dandelions seem taller and brighter this year. The green seems greener. I want to spend more time outside.

Did Anyone Miss Me?

I have been busy….I have had computer problems….I still have memory problems, I put some pictures on a cloud…and now I can’t remember the name of the cloud site…I most likely lost all my pictures on my old computer…I do have the SD cards, so some photos should be saved.

It is that time of year again…all my neighbors already mowed their lawns twice…I still need to buy a mower…and I am out of ink for my printer…I am tired of shopping.

Where Have I Been For Nine Days?


I have been around. Somewhere between the funk of dealing with a teenage dropout and elation of a relationship that has not soured yet. The weather has been above freezing, so I took my dog for a ride for a few not too bad days.

The blogging 101 class has ended. I feel like a dropout of sorts myself. I burned out reading all the blogs of my classmates. Comparing mine to theirs was like comparing a crumpled brown paper bag to smooth and sleek luxurious gilded wrap. Mine was the paper bag, even if I smooth a few wrinkles, it shows the flaws.


My 800th Post


I deserve a Chihuly chandelier, but keep me away from it, fragile glass and I do not mix.

I want to keep this post totally about me, taking a break from Blogging 101. I went to the casino that is about one mile from my home for the first time last night. I had a date with the guy I met on plenty of fish just over a week ago. This was our fourth date. Neither one of us gamble, neither one of us stepped a foot inside before despite driving by it many times. We ate at a restaurant and left.

I plan on going back as often as I can just to walk around, it is so big and out of the weather. There is plenty of lounge chairs for me to sit in if my legs hurt of if I get too wobbly. There is a covered parking garage that is free to park! Thank you Native Americans. I need to get into walking shape in just over 40 days I am doing the American Heart Association 3 mile Walk. This walk I did last year, but I barely made it. If I can get out of the driveway with my car, I hope to spend at least 1/2 hour walking around. I really do not gamble, not much anyway. I plan on getting my players club card. I will take advantage if they have any free play. I will also wear it on a lanyard so I look like I belong there. I also will support them on occasion by buying a treat at the snack bar. I am not a total freeloader.

I did not have anything special planned for my 800th post. I just wanted to mark the occasion. I don’t think I have ever kept track of 800 anything. I technically did not keep track of my posts, WordPress did. Thank you WordPress for the free platform.

Review of the movie, Anomalisa

I am writing this review, after thinking of joining the blogging community of Movie Addicts Union. Take a look what is happening there;

I  watched this movie this past weekend. It was different being it was the first stop action film I have seen that was for an adult audience. There were a couple of funny laugh out loud moments. I thought there were many more moments of just plain drudgery. The main character seemed depressed, and not the kind of person qualified to give self help speeches. That was his profession. He has an one night stand with a woman, Lisa , the only one he sees as different from the rest (the anomaly). Lisa then becomes the same as all the others and he returns to his depressing home where he has no control.

According to Wikipedia this was nominated for awards. I think it leans more towards the forgettable type of movie. I can see it becoming a cult classic though. Is my  Review as drab as the movie?  I think if you are curious to form your own opinion, and you have extra free time see it once and let me know what you think.

Here is a youtube video of the Anomalisa movie Trailer: