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I went to the bar/steakhouse two blocks from my house. I met up there with a woman that was in my former meetup group. It was the one I used to be the organizer of, but few people ever show up to meetup groups in my area. So now the few that used to show up, just call, text or email to plan where to go next.

The band was very good for a cover band. Some of their music sounded as good or better than the original artists. They did a few oldies, and some newer hits like Uptown Funk. They only played a few country songs, and I do not know or care to know about country.

My bar drink of choice is now hard cider. I have tried three different brands and can stomach them all. They have a low alcohol content, so I won’t pass out from one drink. I also like the fact I can drink it out of the bottle so it is easier to nurse for a few hours.

It is nice to have options to get away from my house. The stress and problems of home ownership are overwhelming to me. Sometimes it is thinking about the lack of money, but other times it is thinking I have no “partner” to help me out. I like to be independent, but I really miss knocking around my ideas with others in the same mindset. Right now I do not know anyone with the same mindset as me.

This “holiday” weekend I will be staying home most of the time. I might splurge on gas to go sit at the auction tomorrow. I might attempt to have a mini yard sale, or at least make a 4 sale sign for the bike I have been trying to sell on craigslist. The bike has been parked in my front lawn without a sign. I have had several people inquire about my ad but no follow through.

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I have been so busy lately, but I am not feeling very accomplished. I had to get a new fridge, and hire someone to mow my lawn. I have been selling a few things on Ebay here and there, but I have less free listings now. I took a very short ride on a different path today. I forgot to bring my camera or use my cellphone.

I need to keep busy the next few weeks and months. I need to keep my mind off my worries. I need to make time for myself to have fun and exercise. Some days when I feel like I have done a lot, I look around at my unfinished projects and wonder what was I thinking. I have been trying to finish painting the inside of my house for 3 years. I still have outside trim on my house to paint.

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It should be Mother’s Day everyday. I wish my two brothers would visit my mother more often. I try to email or message my mother at least every other day and call once a week. Sometimes I get forgetful and it becomes almost two weeks. I visited her the week before Mother’s Day. I also got to see my daughter and granddaughter the same weekend. We took a few 4 generation pics which I may never get to see since my camera was not used. I did get a few shots of my beautiful granddaughter. She is 1 1/2 years old now. That is her in the pic. She is my Amazon (not online or River but mythical strong women) warrior princess that likes rocks like me.

It has been a great month so far. The weather was clear here for almost two weeks. Until the Mother’s Day deluge. It rained the next day and another deluge at night that was so loud I thought it was hail. It was just oceans of rain dropping all at once. It has cooled off which I both like for working outside. I dislike because I am still running my furnace to keep my old dog toasty warm. I admit my feet were a bit cold when I turned the heat back on. It is supposed to get colder tonight. I am hoping it will not stunt my garden I have planted so far.

This years veggie garden planted so far is 4 zucchini, 4 yellow summer squash, 6 plum tomatoes, 6 green peppers. I have one small raised bed that is still empty. I had prickers growing in my raised beds and could not find my garden gloves. I got pricked on the edge of my hand several times. It felt like bee stings. I also had the fragrant purple flowered mint smelling plants that grow wild in my lawn starting to take over my raised beds. I had to pull them out, but I left some on the edges, because I love that stuff. So did the bumble bee that was making a lot of noise as he was gathering nectar. I wish my whole lawn could be this and dandelions and anything but grass that needs to be mowed. I am slowly working on turning my quarter acre of chores into perennials, edibles, wildflowers, etc. It is taking me too long. I hope to keep working at it this year. I bought a rose bush to plant in front of my bedroom window that opens. That will take some digging, which is not my forte.

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This pic is from along the shore of Tupper Lake, NY. I assume the color is from the minerals in the water. The spring Adirondack runoff.

It has finally been nice here in NY State, a week with temps above zero. When I plan my future snowbirding, I will not be coming back to NY until early May. I just put the snow shovel and rock salt away the other day. I have spent the past few days mowing, with my son’s help. We are still not finished. I only did a little today. I had to get groceries and stop at the greenhouse to get my planters planted. I think I have all my planters cleaned up now. The sun has left its mark on my face, I must remember sunscreen. I bought coleus for the front which is the northside of my house. I bought my purple petunias for my hanging planter tradition. For my bucket garden I bought 6 roma tomatoes and 6 green peppers. For my raised beds I bought 4 zuchinni and 4 summer squash. None of the things I started inside have sprouted, so I am going to try to plant a few of the beans and pumpkins directly outside. I am hoping to keep it simple, I do want to plant cucumber and kale, but I will wait until I am done planting what I have. I also need marigolds to plant around my bucket gardens.

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I went to a meetup at a state park and tried to keep up with the “normal” people. I was lucky the trail was flat, had stairs with a good rail, and everyone else was slow. I still lagged a little behind. I also had a hard time breathing after the stairs. I was sweating, even though it was cold out. I am out of shape. I wore my AFO which is probably a good thing. I did a few things out in my yard today with out it and almost fell a few times. I can not wait to go back and trying to walk some of the trails by myself with my camera…I forgot it yesterday so used my phone and only took one pic.

I cleaned up some of my small garden and yard. Most things are alive, finally after the long brutal winter. I do have some dead things too. My raspberry which I suspected was dead soon after planting it…I never learn not to buy a clearance plant from a place that is not a nursery. It looks like a rabbit ate the bark around one of my lilacs. My cheap rose I planted in a pot may be sending up shoots from the roots, but the main stem is dead. I did not get a tree for earth day…finances are too tight. I did plant some perennial flower seeds my mom gave me a year ago. Nothing I tried to start inside has sprouted yet though….so my plan is to hit the greenhouse soon after payday. It snowed just a few days ago, our safe planting day is usually mid may.

I have my lawn mower battery plugged in. It is a miracle the charger works after being out under the snow all year. It was left out by accident, since we usually charge the mower outside.

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The grass is finally greening up. The leaves on the trees are taking too long.

The whole universe is made up of the same basic elements. What makes up courage? What has to align to enjoy all the great things that seem to happen to a small percentage.

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We have had a few days of not too bad weather. I took my dog for her first walk through the forest in what seems like forever. That made her happy and tired. I took my son to the zoo. It was depressing to see how decrepit and foul smelling parts of it were. They have been trying to improve it for over a year. I don’t think they are improving the right things. I was so sad to see the elephants were not let out of their barn to roam. I actually saw one elephant lifting one leg then another off the hard concrete floor. They did not have rubber mats in there. I just recently saw on the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary Site that the leading cause of captive elephants death is foot problems caused by hard concrete floors. Another sad site was the lone lioness. Her mate died a few months ago. Many of the animals seemed to be a single animal.

I also took my son for our first ice cream of the season. Our local ice cream place is closed from October to April. I think that is strange because I like ice cream in any weather and not just when it is hot and sunny. I was just glad my son got out of the house.

There was big machine tearing up my lawn yesterday. I don’t mind them tearing up the grass and leaving big ruts. I just finished picking out the rocks they left last time they did that. I also am not looking forward to start mowing the lawn or getting my first letter from the town saying I do not mow it often enough. Right now everyones lawn is getting torn up. They are installing a sewer system instead of individual septic systems. They can not get it done soon enough. We had major rain here overnight and my yard is even more swampy, muddy, and flooded. Water does not get absorbed into this clay soil. It just sits there.

It is supposed to be nice again today. I hope to take my dog out to some place nice to run free. She will be happy. My son will be happy that I won’t be here on the computer. Everyone seems to be happy except me. I am trapped in my funk. I started a fire in my firepit. I could see everyone driving their motorcycles by on the main road. Most were couples. This is the second year in the row I wonder why I am sitting alone around the firepit. Last year I blamed it on my guy not wanting to do anything. This year I can tell it is just no one wants to do anything with me. If I die today, I die alone and unloved.

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