I would ban the word “absolutely”

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

I would not actually ban it. I do wish it never be spoken out loud as a placating answer. I read through a few of the other answers before answering myself. I agree with the person that said “no words should be banned”.

Daily Prompt, let’s try this for awhile

Write about your approach to budgeting.

“My approach to budgeting” is the prompt. Ha, I am on social security only. I have nothing to budget. I buy necessary items, end of budgeting.

Seriously though, I struggle to decide which items I think I deserve to spend my monthly Social Security check on. I buy food mostly that is on sale. I shop at Aldi’s for some things. I look for clearance items every store I go in. I don’t eat a lot of meat. I was thinking the other day now that my monthly food stamps will be reduced what are the least expensive foods I can buy that are 100% healthy. My first thought is bananas. No other fruit or vegetable is cheaper per pound than a banana. Of course we are paying for the peel and sticker too. I wish I could compost my peels. I supposed I could if I drive my compost to my son’s house to put on his pile. I am going to try grow my own microgreens, and lettuces. I am not sure how cost effective it will be after I have to purchase seeds and account for failures. I am also going to attempt to do sprouts, but again the seed is NOT inexpensive. I have a hoard of seeds to get started though. I also need to factor in the amount of gas it would take for me to shop more often if I did not have homegrown fresh produce.

One thing that really does not fit my budget is pedicures. I however consider them “healthcare” as I can no longer take care of my own toenails. They are too tough to cut with my strength. Too precarious with my bad eyesight to use a tool to make it easier. I also can not reach the bottom of my feet to massage them. And the warm towels, I don’t have a steamer to warm my towels to a toasty soothing hug to wrap around my bottom legs. So my approach to budgeting is I think I am worth a pedicure as soon as my claws start ripping through my socks.

Also this years budgeting included both expensive 15 Geranium seeds and 4 packs of seeds at Dollar Tree for $1. The bunnies that mowed down last years wildflowers (pictured) will appreciate it.