I was locked out of twitter


This is an old pic, I recently had my hard drive replaced and have yet to install a place to download my photos from my camera.

So twitter said I was being abusive to trump for this tweet: @realDonaldTrump I can not take any more of this…I can only hope you drop dead soon before I do…I just want to cry myself to sleep thinking about all the rotten miserable things you have done…the people that suffer because of @GOP…the statue of liberty is not proud, the flag upsidedown

I am locked out unless they favorably review my appeal…I guess he can only torture the world and we have to take it in silence. F*ck him and his supporters and the whole GOP for aiding and abetting the MONSTER….yes if you support him F*ck you too! I can not take the nonsense any more.

I can not get a drive downloaded to run my printer, or I downloaded it 4 times but it is not recognizing it…I also have not figured out wordpress as to why I can no longer tag my posts…the world goes on without me…I am not adding to it, I am not helping anyone, I am not saving enough for my future and the cost of everything I need is going up, I feel helpless…I searched for jobs I may be able to do part time and I can not find any I could do…my ebay sales are tanking and have been the last few years….I was not motivated to get out of my pajamas today and it was sunny out

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