My Current Christmas Thoughts

Thank you to my neighbors that put their pretty lights on their home and evergreens. I love lights. I can’t be bothered to hang mine on my porch, I feel they will highlight the unfinished bits from construction and mess of leaves and other gardening debris. I also don’t plan on being home around the holidays. I plan on staring into the lights of my grand- daughters eyes. I have been thinking today of how strange it is anyway since I have evolved into an Atheist. Decorating is an expression of art to me, so will hopefully decorate my home next year with lights. I am not even going to dig out my little fake trees. I am buying no gifts this year, instead I am giving money or IOUs.

What has really been bugging me is the need for others to feel that people are unfortunate if they don’t have a pile of gifts under a tree. This country is the land of excesses. Other peoples excesses have always made me feel ill.  I have a warmish house, new roof over my head and some of my underwear and socks are not ripped and threadbare. I am alive, hopefully for several more years. I am not in a home or rehab center, so I feel free. I will be with all my children for the “Holidays” and I could not ask for anything more.

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