Still Getting Used to New Territory

found in Rome NY

I have lived here almost a month,  I still have much to learn about the surrounding communities and even my own lot. I made a birdbath from some clay pots and a aluminum bowl. I saw the idea on pinterest a while back. The area of my lawn that I put it had some pieces of plywood I assume left by the previous owner. I had just walked around and looked over the yard for sticks that fell from my tree a week ago, and did not notice all the scrap I saw today.  I might take pictures, but I am not 100% pleased on how the birdbath turned out. It looks shorter than expected, so I might add another pot to the stack. The bowl also looks out of proportion (too small) compared with the base. I also did a quick and dirty paint job, I am not too proud of the resulting terra cotta showing around the edges. It is also painted  the color of my front door. I don’t want to spoil the newly painted door reveal. I just primed it today with rusty metal primer, after lightly sanding it. It is a steel door, and was rusting where the previous owners dog had scratched the paint off. I also painted the trim around the door frame white. It was starting to peel in a few spots. Now it looks fresher and cleaner. It makes the rest of the porch look sad. I have plans to paint that as well. I am trying just to do a little at a time.

In my down time (lots of it when the temp is above 80), I have been watching American Pickers on Netflix. I realize I have seen most of the episodes before. I also try to keep up with my mom’s soap (they cancelled mine). I have been watching HGTV’s Design Star. I am not sure which one I like better. The ones whose designs I liked best have already gone home. I liked Hilary’s personality, and she went home last time. They just won’t find another David Bromstad, he is the best. I wish I could be the next Design Star assistant. I scored a free large mirror off of craigslist. It has a few chips in the frame. After I repaint it, I don’t think the chips will stand out. It is huge. I am vein, and I could use some extra natural light reflection. There was so much awesome free stuff on craigslist I missed out on. I called about some mason jars, already gone. I called about estate sale left overs, they said they just left.  The person giving away clothes my sons size never got back to me. So, it is fierce competition around here, and not much offered for free.

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