Back In Action

IMG_6473I have so many images that would have been great to capture on my recent stint in Boston. My son and I went to the beach twice, one day with my daughter before she left on her trip. Went to a state park swimming pond with  both my sons one day. Drove through Cambridge to get my daughters weekly CSA veggies, and spotted a cool house with a purple fence with all kinds of cool writing all over, Free Spreech. (yes spelled that way) I hope drive by that when I go back to pick up my son and dog at the end of the month. We also finally went to the JFK Museum, and the Franklin Park Zoo, and a ride to chill in the car ac up to Salem. I viewed the fourth of July fireworks over the Charles River, from far away, at Lars Anderson Park. I water my daughters patio plants, fed her alley cat twice daily. I also petted and conversed with her cat, since it missed her. A new feral cat, fluffy looking part Maine Coon appeared almost everyday too. I felt sorry for it. It meowed while the other kitty ate. I suspect it came in for the leftovers, but the bowl was not always licked clean.It had the greenest eyes of any cat I ever saw. It most certainly was feral, its ear was partly docked. I think that means it was captured and neutered.

Now back to my dirty, messy, musty, swampy lawn home sweet home. I missed it, but was glad I was not here during all the storms. I hear more thunder now, I hope no more rain drops here. I still have to finish unpacking the car. I am here in the silence of being just by myself. It is always nice the first day. I will gradually grow mad (as in crazy). Just kidding, I have lots of work planned including painting, selling and giving away stuff, and dragging some stuff to the laundrymat. Cleaning and organizing has to happen first, I am still thinking how to best accomplish that.