I am expecting my internet not to work the next few days

Every time it drops below zero, my Verizon internet service does not work. I thought it might be the lines shrinking or some such phenomenon. It is especially irritating when I know I have many ebay auctions ending, or I can not access more than a minute or two of email or facebook. It is supposed to be super cold during this week starting tonight. I am hoping my pipes stay unfrozen and that I get all my laundry done and put away before I get wiped out. Insert laughter here. I was up super early today, so I need to realize the only thing that I might do today is the laundry. I have to take it to the laundry mat. My septic is struggling to keep up with the flooded ground. My electric does not work in half my house, so my drier can not be used. This would be no problem if I could use two hands and had a clothes line outside. Hanging things with one hand takes too long right now. I am able to put a regular bra on, not sure if I already wrote that. A milestone, I wish my first OT I had in outpatient rehab knew. She always made me laugh and made me feel like a real person. By that I mean she expected me to progress and live a normal life.

I took my dog to the State Park yesterday to run. They had not plowed out their parking lots, so I parked on the side of a back road and let her out. She ran, I walked just a little since it was starting to snow and I had not brought my cell phone. She was out of breath when she got back into the car. We both are going to have to get used to walking longer distances again. I also forgot to bring her some water. I also bought a new shower chair. The one I had, only about a year and half old was cracked and I snapped the back off. I envisioned me falling and cutting myself on the jagged metal that broke and bleeding to death in the shower. It is not the way I want to go. I bought a smaller one without a back. It will force me to sit without being lazy, it will also be easier to pack. I still have to put it together. My exercise ball is still deflated. So two more things I hope to get done today. First I need a nap.

One thought on “I am expecting my internet not to work the next few days

  1. Congrats on your accomplishments and your new chair.

    You’re quite the brave pioneer woman! If I had to go to the laundromat in this weather, I think I’d either wear the same thing till spring or find a friend or relative to let me do a load in the comfort of their warm home.

    And for the dog, I’d either just let it out in the yard or spread some papers on a floor in the house.

    Hope you can keep your cable, electricity, heat, etc.

    Good luck!

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