Rural Decay

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I spend too much time looking at these barns everywhere I drive. All I can think of is, why did they let it decay? Was it too expensive to fix? Too much work to farm? At one time having two silos meant you were well off. I think a huge falling down building would be a liability. Look at all the resources left to rot. I would love to reside my shed in old grayed barn wood. There is a bunch of steel in the silos. Some people would part out the old decaying truck. I took a picture to show my brother. He likes old trucks, but I don’t know one from another. I first noticed this place when I was driving back from my new place because it had huge rocks in the drive. I love rocks, I would love huge boulders, not quite car size in my yard. Big Sigh. I have four huge wonderful trees in my yard! I also have a house that I need to fix ASAP, so it does not end up like the barn in the picture.

3 thoughts on “Rural Decay

  1. Those old farms always make me sad. There are lots of reasons- I moved away from the farming community where I grew up, and you saw a lot of this. The only way to make a living at farming is to own lots and lots of land these days, so the bigger farms swallowed up the smaller ones, and the small farm houses and buildings and barns aren’t worth the money they would cost to fix. The bare land is worth far more, so most of them end up bulldozed. Even if you live there, repairing a massive old wooden barn like that would cost far more than a newer metal building. Personally, I prefer the character of a barn, but for the most part, it’s just not cost effective to fix them. Also, I believe that’s an old International pickup truck wasting away in the weeds. I’d love to have that!

    • I can imagine how expensive it must be to fix an old barn. Some people with money (non-farmers) buy them to make antique stores or a B and B. Some get grant money to restore them ,but I am not sure if the grant would cover the full cost of restoration. It just amazes me that quality built homes and buildings were built to last AND with style 100 years ago or less. Society let Detroit rot, and bits and pieces of every city once opulent are now ghetto. If Walmart could sell a house that was made in China for $1 people would buy it and be happy. I am not one of those people. I have a real hard time communicating that, but I wish I could.
      If my brother tries to get that truck, I will let him know you are interested. I don’t even know who owns it, or if it is for sale. My brother is not afraid to knock on the door of strangers.

  2. Your brother sounds like me! I’m that guy that knocks on doors to ask about old cars. I doubt I could afford to go get it, I’m in NC, but if he does learn more about it I’d love to hear if it got ‘saved’. Most of the big old vehicles like that have gone to the crusher.

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