Pizza Is Beautiful Perfect Food

IMG_4461I took a little road trip on Christmas, just one small reason I have not posted lately. I usually have pizza at least once a week. I usually make it myself. While on vaca I had nada a slice. That is very unusual for me. My son had pizza on the road on the way there, also the way back, plus two slices on his birthday. I can not eat and drive at the same time anymore. Since my stroke, I need my only working hand to drive. Yesterday, back and safe at home, I made my homemade dough into two trays of pizza. One was plain cheese, for the plain kid with limited taste tolerance. Mine was made of what was left in the freezer and fridge after me trying to eat everything to bare cupboards (only for freshness rotation, and lack of funds to purchase more food). I made a yeast crust with white and rye flour. Then used the last drops of spaghetti sauce in the house (very rare occurrance), added Honey French dressing, chopped frozen onions defrosted, chopped frozen baby brussel sprouts defrosted, leftover from Thanksgiving (date still good til 2013) ricotta cheese, and a sprinkling of mozzarella. I also sprinkled on garlic powder and dried italian seasoning under the cheese. The end result pictured above. I ate it with red pepper flakes for more flavor. It was edible, but could have used more red sauce and a less mushy vegetable, but I was out of roasted red peppers and green peppers, so just sucked it up.

Todays cooking adventure, or fail, judging by how hungry I was waiting for soup to cook in my crockpot. I had it set on high. I ended up eating a small bowl of crunchy grains and beans in a flavorless broth at 9PM. I just turned it off and put into the fridge at midnight. Ready or not, I am tired, I will eat it or finish cooking it tomorrow. It has a veggie stock base, and a barley and bean mixture soup mix, plus I added a lot of celery and some spices. I need to doctor it up with more spice and or canned tomatoes after my trip to the store tomorrow. I also made homemade biscuits, they were edible. So, I ate too many waiting for my soup. I also had one of my sons peeps Christmas trees.

I am trying to vary my sons limited diet. He would not try the soup, or my biscuits. He had scrambled eggs and celery sticks for dinner. I had planned on making spaghetti tomorrow, being New Year’s Eve. I guess it is because I saw something on Sesame Street 30 years ago. It was a Chinese tradition (maybe for birthdays)  about long noodles long life. I know I am not going out, so we will watch the fireworks and ball drop on the telly. I have to think of some new food for that stubborn boy to try.

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