No Time for a Real Pic

I have been trying to take pictures of all my junque to sell on ebay. I picked up this lovely gem, and the golf club snapped off. Damn plastic. Well I decided to list it anyhow, people buy crazy stuff. You can unscrew the fake statuette and replace with something else. Well, I broke another one just before its photo shoot. That is ok, I have plenty more.

I was so tired today from cleaning up after the tree. My arm has been sore for days, and I wrenched my back last night from giving the dog a bath. It happened when she tried and succeeded to jump out still all soapy. She really hates being wet. It took a lot of physical coercion to get her back in and rinsed off. My son helped me too. She really needs to be tied to the bathtub as cruel as it sounds, it is just for a few minutes once in awhile, and for her own good.

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