Still Trying To Stay Positive


I will be enjoying this fine day with a walk, maybe take my dog to the state park. I hope to get some more things planted….a very slow process for me. I went to pick up more compost yesterday, they were out. But, I have so many projects going…and still never completed mowing the whole lawn….even slower process than planting with my stroke body.  I can sometimes use my left hand and arm to push, but not always….sometimes it just hangs. Walking backwards and sideways is done very carefully too, I can’t seem to pick up my left foot if not naturally walking forward. All this puts a strain on my good side. I do need the workout, but it causes me pain for about two days. I usually do not have any stroke pain or headaches like I read so many others suffer from. I actually have less sensation and numbness on my left side.

I also will slowly work on listing more on Ebay. I will try to take less blurry pictures during the daylight, then list them after dark until I fall asleep. I already played my online poker today. I won about $20,000, met my daily challenge then quit while I was ahead.

My birdbath totem fell apart again, after staying together for days. I truly think someone walks into my yard to tip it over. My son heard someone walking outside late one night. The next morning my newly planted petunia was tipped, and the glass watering balls taken out of the pot. One was laying on the ground, one sideways in the pot. It looked like it was accidentally walked into, because I have no outside lighting. My stupid cheap chinese made solar lights do not work. They did for a few days last year. I hope to afford some battery powered LEDs this year, I will use rechargeable batteries.

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