No Nukes, What A Bad Idea


WTF can ruin a pretty picture faster than anything? A cooling tower from the nuclear power plant. I hope we are shutting these down, and at least not building any new ones ever anywhere in the world. We don’t have to worry about bird flu wiping out humans, when we should worry about humans wiping out every living thing that took eons to evolve. I am sorry, I did not want this post to be such a downer.

Some good things are happening in the world. I have one ripe tomato in my bucket garden. I guess I should call my garden the snack garden. I don’t have enough for a meal, let alone to preserve for the winter. I always say next year, but this year I mean it. I won’t have to worry about septic line placements.

I went to visit my kids and pick up the youngest to come back home. My neck hurts again from driving. I think it might be my one arm placement on the steering wheel. It could just be the way my seat is positioned too. It never hurt my neck before while driving, not this much.

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